Samurai Night Thread

NXT Takeover UK was earlier today and sounds like it was a kickass show.  Available now on the WWE Network and Tommy has the recap pinned to the top.  I’ve got other stuff on my plate so I’ll probably pass for now.

NFL football playoffs out the wazoo tonight!  They’re no XFL, that’s for sure.

I legit have casual, non-wrestling nerd, people at work asking me about this All Elite thing, which is weird.  They might have something here.  WWE has a house show here in Saskatoon on Feb 1, so we’ll see what the t-shirt ratio is like.  Last few times have been heavily Bullet Club, so maybe they’ll be some AEW this time?

Tonight:  Hidden Gems of some sort and I’m gonna watch Venom, since I didn’t get a chance to see it in theaters!  Have a great night!