Mid-South Wrestling – March 29th, 1984

January 29, 1984

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jim Cornette

This week, we will have a rematch of last week’s TV Title Tournament Semifinals between Terry Taylor and Butch Reed since it went to a time-limit draw.


Cornette gloats over Watts being out, since he was attacked last week by the Midnight Express & Cornette, then we get a replay of the events leading up to the sneak attack.


Back to the announcers as Cornette said he instructed his team to take out any person who puts their hands on him. Ross then brings up Watts’ wrestling career then we see an interview from a few days ago between Ross and Watts. We get a statement from Watts about the attack as he talks about things getting out of control everywhere and retired as a wrestler by choice. Watts then said he attacked a “sissy” after losing his temper then talks about standing up for god and your family and since fines and attacks will not work against Cornette he wants to humiliate him and by that promises a surprise for both Cornette and the Midnight Express. Cornette then says he goes everywhere with the Midnight Express then leaves to make a call to his mother when Ross says Watts will be out here next. We are now getting a full on Cornette vs. Watts feud.


Ross now interviews Watts at ringside. Watts talks about fines not working for Cornette because his momma pays them and everyone knows he can beat him up so he decided to get a partner for one last match then we see a video of Watts & Ross in North Carolina where the Junkyard Dog is working out. Watts asks JYD to be his partner against the Midnight Express but JYD said he will stay true to his word and be out of Mid-South for 90 days. Watts brings up how he is coming out of retirement and tries to get him to change his mind but JYD says just like his parents and Watts taught his word is his bond. Watts is about to leave then JYD calls him back to say he does know someone, a former North American Heavyweight Champion who used to take his lunch money, then says he can put in a word to Stagger Lee. Back to Watts & Ross as Watts says Ross had to broker the conversation as we see video of Ross walking around with a blindfold to see Stagger Lee. Ross removes his blindfold as instructed by Lee then asks Lee to be Watts’ partner. Lee then yells at Ross to leave but Lee agreed to be Watts’ partner. After that we see footage of Lee facing Ted DiBiase back on 11/3/82. The Stagger Lee stuff is absolutely ridiculous but it does get Watts into the ring again for a chance to get revenge on Cornette & Midnight Express. And behind the scenes it was Watts who decided to team up Eaton & Condrey and give them Cornette as a manger then have Bill Dundee book them to get the right amount of heat.


A video of Watts’ taking on various champions in his career is shown. Its set to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. Wrestlers shown were Terry Funk, Killer Karl Kox, and Bill Howard. We then see a dress hanging on the ropes that Watts says belongs to Cornette’s mother and that Cornette would look better in the dress then pulls out a giant bottle and diaper and when the Midnight Express loses Cornette will have to run around in his new wardrobe. Now it seems that Cornette will have to get dressed up and humiliated if his team loses against Watts & Lee.


Boyd Pierce is the ring announcer tonight. Mr. Wrestling II is out for his scheduled match against Mike Jackson. Mr. Wrestling II then demands to be called just “Mr. Wrestling” for now on because he is always #1. However, Magnum TA runs out and whispers to Jackson then Jackson. Magnum says Jackson let him take his place but Mr. Wrestling says he did not sign a contract to face Magnum and will not face him but Magnum tells Mr. Wrestling he taught him a lesson real well then slaps Mr. Wrestling. Magnum eggs on Mr. Wrestling again but Mr. Wrestling says he wrestles whoever the company says because he is not his own man due to being the champ. Magnum calls Mr. Wrestling a coward and slaps him again but Mr. Wrestling bails as the fans cheer Magnum. Great segment with Magnum giving Mr. Wrestling a taste of his own medicine and Mr. Wrestling acting as arrogant as ever. This feud has taken a back seat the past two weeks on TV but this amped it right back up.


Last week where Volkoff attacked Duggan is shown.


Nikolai Volkoff vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

We get a brawl before the bell as Duggan gains the upper hand. Duggan drops Volkoff with a back elbow smash then hits the spear. Duggan neglects to cover and fires away but Krusher Kruschev and a masked man run in for the DQ (0:45). The masked man as a Russian sickle on his mask as its 3 vs. 1 against Duggan until the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express & Terry Taylor run out for the save. Butch Reed runs out to attack Taylor but Taylor reverses and sends Reed into the post.

Thoughts: Just a match to set up for a post-match brawl. We also saw a debut of a new Russian underneath a mask as this appears to set up for a six-man tag match down the road. Also, Reed hurt his shoulder after his sneak attack on Taylor failed and is supposed to wrestle Taylor tonight with the winner going to the finals.


Taylor comes out for his match against Reed but Reed is nowhere to be found. Reed finally comes out with his arm in a sling then blames it on Taylor and wants the match to happen next week when he is 100%. Pierce says the stipulations state if he does not wrestle then its a forfeit but Reed wants it next week when healthy and able to wrestle. Reed then cheap shots Taylor and misses but takes off the sling and hits Taylor while revealing the Coal Miner’s Glove. Reed tosses the ref outside then continues to beat down Taylor until the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express run down for the save. Another fantastic segment here with Reed beating Taylor down while wearing the Coal Miner’s Glove. Taylor sold this quite well too as Reed got himself a great amount of heat as Taylor is one of the more over wrestlers on the roster.


After the break we learn that Matchmaker Grizzly Smith has expelled Reed from the tournament and Taylor will face Kruschev in the finals two weeks from today. Now Reed has something to really be pissed off about.


Masao Ito vs. Larry Santana

Ito beats down Santana then hits a piledriver. Ito then hits a falling headbutt and a thrust kick before using a chop for the win (1:17).

Thoughts: Its funny to see Ito win with a chop after using a few higher impact moves prior but this is just a brief match to fill time.


Ross is back and talks about knowing Watts for a long time and how its his time again before we see the Watts video from earlier in hte show.


Final Thoughts: This show, with barely over two minutes of in-ring action, was still highly entertaining. They built up for Watts’ in-ring return, added a new Russian to the mix, started a Reed/Taylor feud, and took another big step in the Mr. Wrestling/Magnum TA program. A tremendous show as Mid-South is really starting to create stars and hot feuds. If you have the WWE Network, do yourself a favor and start watching ’84 Mid-South. This is what “sports entertainment” should strive to be like.


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Wednesday: WWF Monday Night RAW 2/15/93

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