Lack of Madness

Going through old PPVs in 1990-1991, I noticed a considerable lack of Macho Man. He had the mixed tag at Wrestlemania 6, but then a quick squash at Summerslam, no match at Survivor Series 90 or Rumble 91.

He was in a slow burning feud with Warrior, but was there a reason he was mostly storyline & no big matches through most of 1990? Injury? Related to him trying to step out of the spotlight in 1991 to try and make it work with Liz? Vince wanting him in a certain spot?

A lot of it was injury, yes.  He was pretty banged up for most of 1990 and had arm problems for the rest of his career, in fact.  Plus he wanted to wind his career down and have a baby with Liz.