WWF Monday Night RAW – February 1st, 1993

February 1, 1993

From the Manhattan Center in New York City, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Randy Savage, and Rob Bartlett

Tatanka vs. Damien Demento

Tatanka manages a small package to start but Demento hits a throat thrust. Tatanka fights back and clotheslines Demento over the top rope. Tatanka heads out to interrupt Demento’s self-dialoguing and tosses him back inside. Demento lands a cheap shot in the corner as Vince tells us that Brutus Beefcake is here tonight. Demento gets two with a leg drop then grabs a chinlock. Tatanka fires up after getting hit with a turnbuckle smash and soon after that uses a Samoan drop for the win (4:10) 1/2*.

Thoughts: An abbreviated version of their match from the Headlock on Hunger show but still not very good at all. Demento was terrible. Anyway, Vince saying that Brutus Beefcake was here is a surprise since he has not been seen in close to a year.


We see clips of Bret Hart from the Headlock on Hunger benefit show as he presents a $100,000 check to Red Cross.


Vince McMahon is in the ring and welcomes Brutus Beefcake to the ring. Vince says we haven’t seen Beefcake since his parasailing accident, which is blatantly false. Beefcake says he is here to make an important announcement and that is he will return to the ring. Beefcake now talks about his mother dying of cancer then soon after that his father died of a heart attack and then after reaching for his wife for help she left him for a “barfly and took everything he had. Beefcake then recalls being hospitalized while a fan from the crowd yells “kill yourself” as you can tell this promo is going just great. He then talks about seeing Hulk Hogan by his side after surgery by his side and describes Hogan like he is Jesus Christ. Amazingly, this promo keeps going as Beefcake then tells Vince despite the dangers he is a desperate man and went to Hogan for advice, who told him to go back to the ring. Beefcake says he has an open contract and will face anyone. Holy shit was this terrible. I could not believe anyone would even try to come out and portray Hogan in this manner. But, with the Hogan namedropping its clear he will be coming back at some point.


An ad for WrestleMania IX airs.


High Energy vs. Von Krus & Iron Mike Sharpe

Vince keeps talking about Beefcake returning as Owen dropkicks Sharpe. High Energy then works over Krus before putting him away with a missile dropkick/jackknife cover combo (1:31).

Thoughts: Nothing but a backdrop for the announcers to talk about the Beefcake interview and the news he will be returning.


We see a replay of Doink the Clownattacking Crush from a few weeks ago.


Doink the Clown vs. Typhoon

Doink uses a single leg takedown then works the arm. Typhoon tosses him off but Doink takes him down again. Doink works the arm again then switches to a chinlock but Typhoon rams him into the corner. Typhoon catches Doink with a bearhug but Doink rakes the eyes and grounds Typhoon again. Typhoon shrugs off a few punches then catches Doink with a powerslam. Typhoon tosses Doink into the corner but misses an avalanche then Doink uses a forearm smash off of the middle rope then cradles Typhoon and grabs the tights for the win (3:12) *.

Thoughts: Fine for what it was as Doink is really looking good in the ring. Typhoon spent most of the time on the mat and did not have to do much at all, making it a better match.


An ad for WWF Mania airs. After that, we see Todd Pettengill wearing a Members Only jacket standing next to Vince. Pettengill gives us a preview of the show and how many people are afraid of Giant Gonzalez then does some lame comedy that makes Vince laugh.


Howard Finkel leads us in a ten bell salute for the recently deceased Andre the Giant. We get some photos of Andre as the bell rings.


We get a Slim Jim ad starring Randy Savage then after it ends Bartlett cracks a lame joke to which Vince cackles like an idiot. The comedy tonight was brutal.


Yokozuna w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Bobby DeVito

DeVito is in fact the same one of ECW & RoH fame. Bartlett wants to know why he does not have an action figure as Yokozuna flattens DeVito with an uranage. Duggan now calls in and talks about watching “Yokozuma” and despite being twice his size can knock him off of his feet. Vince corrects Duggan’s pronounciation but Duggan does not care to learn about “Japanese” names then rants about Japan before Yokozuna hits a Bonzai Drop for the win (2:03).

Thoughts: Duggan is now using casual racism as the babyface to hype up this ridiculous mini feud.


Vince now welcomes Money Inc. to ringside for an interview. Jimmy Hart is not with them. DiBiase recites “Humpty Dumpty” then after Vince asks what he means talks about what Beefcake said earlier then says if he wants a match he can face a champion. DiBiase flips a coin then wins and says he will accept Beefcake’s open challenge. Jimmy Hart comes out and says this is a waste of time and should focus on being champions as this match is not worth the risk. DiBiase tells Hart to calm down and this is just “recreational” and will not get hurt against a man that has not been in the ring for three years. Hart seems concerned but IRS tells Beefcake he collected a lot of bills and did not pay taxes, which makes him worse than the fans for not paying his fair share. First off, I have no idea why Hart would give a shit that his team wanted to face Beefcake or why Hart would show concern given the fact Hart has fucked over 2 of his teams during the past several months. We will get more into that issue later but given the fact a Tag team is challenging Beefcake and Beefcake kept namedropping Hogan its clear they are setting up from a tag match.


Lex Luger comes into the ring where a mirror is present and looks at himself as he gets mad over having an obese ring girl. A fan also flipped Luger off right in his face as Luger made his entrance.


Mr. Perfect is shown throwing passes to Minnesota Vikings TE Steve Jordan then throws a long pass and proceeds to run down and catch it himself as we saw Jordan look on in amazement. Corny but amusing video.


“The Narcissist” Lex Luger vs. Jason Knight

Luger is upset over Perfect’s video being shown. Luger backs Knight into the corner then works a hammerlock as the announcers talk about Beefcake vs. DiBiase on the next show. Luger runs over Knight as Vince plugs an episode of “Quantum Leap” that airs after this show. Luger taunts the crowd then hits Knight with a running forearm smash then picks him up for another forearm smash and covers with just his pinky finger for the win (2:38). After the match, Luger tosses Knight by his legs.

Thoughts: The running forearm finish is underwhelming and Luger did not particularly look that impressive in his WWF TV debut. Anyway, he will be feuding with Perfect going forward.


Vince tells us that RAW is preempted next week for a dog show then will return in two weeks with a 16 man Battle Royal and Beefcake vs. DiBiase as Savage is worried about Beefcake’s chances.


Final Thoughts: The past two weeks of RAW were quite good but this show was nowhere close. Too many contrived storylines, weak action, and an all-time bad promo make this a forgettable show. In two weeks we are back with Beefcake vs. DiBiase and a battle royal that does not have any stakes.


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