Indies and Insanity: January 10, 2019

I’m almost going to miss previewing Impact here.  Almost.

NBA on TNT has their usual doubleheader tonight: Celtics/Heat, followed by Thunder/Spurs.  The college kids are all over the place, as on ESPN we have Louisville/Notre Dame (two unbeaten women’s teams) followed by UCLA/Oregon.  ESPN2 has Cincinnati/Tulsa, Penn State/Nebraska, and Pacific/Gonzaga.

After the jump, the indie wrestling schedule.

January is a light month usually, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some fun:

  • CMLL Super Viernes is a lighter show than normal, as Fantastica Mania is taking most of the A squad and leaving them have to pull out Villano IV and Mascara Ano 2000 to fill the card.  But Rush/Bestia are still here, teaming with the aforementioned Villano to face Furia, El Valiente, and Niebla Roja.
  • Tomorrow night is a crossover show in Chicago, as Freelance Wrestling and GCW are going head to head.  Nick Gage and Darin Corbin will face off, as will Gringo Loco and Nate Webb!  In one of the biggest styles clashes, the WorkHorsemen will take on Markus Crane and Shlak!
  • RevPro are in Guildford Saturday Night for their New Year’s Resolution!  David Starr defends the Cruiserweight title against Kip Sabian, Zoe Lucas and Yuu settle their Queen of the Ring grudge with a title match, and Chris Ridgeway is taking on the Switchblade!
  • Saturday Night, Pro Wrestling EVE will present She Who Dares, Wins in London… and it’s a BATTLEBOWL!  The roster hasn’t been announced, unfortunately.

In lieu of a Match of the Week, let me repost the GoFundMe for the Buffalo Brothers.  Get well soon, guys.


Bring the insanity.