I was reading your St. Valentines Massacre rant, and you noted at the end that Austin vs. Show should’ve been a big deal. 

If my memory serves me right, they cleanly jobbed Show to Austin on the next RAW episode (or shortly thereafter). 

My question is, was Vince in such a hurry to show the world that “his WWE superstar” is so much better than “WCW’s giant” that he had to job Show in his first WWE match? 

Seemed to be a big match at the time getting rushed and wasted on free tv when they could’ve ran with that for a few months at least.

Hot take, bro.  Doubly ironic considering how Vince used to slag the other promotions for not knowing how to use Andre properly.  
Anyway, I believe Show has said in later shoot interviews that, much like Jericho, they were "teaching him how to work" and he later realized that doing those jobs was for his own good and all that indoctrination bullshit you hear.