Punk v. Demon

Hey Scott,

I know this might be an unpopular one with some of your audience, but who do you think is a more overrated in-ring worker: Finn Balor or CM Punk?

Balor does not seem any more special in the ring than a guy like Neville ever was. I didn't watch him while he was actually in Japan, but when I've gone back and watched his work there, Prince Devitt seemed special. Finn Balor is definitely not Prince Devitt. And while Punk had a unique connection with the audience and was always a great talker, any time I watch his matches I just don't find him believable…and I started feeling that way before he ever fought in the UFC, so I don't believe he was "exposed" by his MMA career. Do you find the ring work of either of them overrated?

Oh, spicy question!  I find Balor a bit overrated, actually.  He was great in NXT but has never really transitioned to being a top guy on the main roster.  Punk at least had tons of high level great matches in that spot.