Hi Scott!

Just a sort of random esoteric backstage question here regarding the current WWE landscape. Who is the Triple H to, well…Triple H?

Back in the day it seemed the word on H was that he was something of a notorious politicker, plotting matches, sitting in booking meetings, all of that – much to the chagrin of the roster and appeasement of the corporate brass (Vince) at the time. Which in hindsight…I suppose makes sense. He stuck around. Austin, Rock, even Cena, are gone, or will be soon. 

I think Steve Austin even said on his podcast, as has Vince, that a lot of wrestlers aren't as…feisty as they were back in the day regarding their spot and position in the company. 

So my question is who on the current roster is playing it like Triple H? Taking an active role in their character and in the company? Who's most likely to be a creative force moving forward?

I just don't see any of the sad videogame playing geeks on today's roster taking that kind of role any longer.  Or, as Austin would say…

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