What the World Was Watching: WCW Worldwide – April 15, 1995

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Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are doing commentary and they are taped from Orlando, Florida.  Heenan rants that French indecision on whether to reinstate Ric Flair is ruining Flair’s career.

Opening Contest:  Meng (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (7-0) defeats Bill Payne after a thrust kick at 2:07:

The lag in taping Worldwide relative to other WCW programming means that Meng makes a different entrance as he is not sporting a colorful veil over his face on today’s show.  Payne was used also used as a jobber for the WWF throughout the 1990s and he lasts longer than other enhancement talents against Meng, although he still eats a thrust kick at the end of the match.

Gene Okerlund hypes the WCW Tag Team Championship bout that will take place at Slamboree between Harlem Heat and the Nasty Boys.  Okerlund interviews the Nasties, who say that they have the Heat where they want them and that the tag team titles will be coming their way.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan (15-1) pins Sledgehammer McGill after a three-point stance clothesline at 1:37:

Schiavone heralds Duggan as the “blue collar champion” of WCW.  Duggan seems frustrated with McGill after he botches an early Irish whip sequence, but McGill tries to make up for it by landing on his head after a standard clothesline and going over the top rope after a forearm before jobbing to Duggan’s finisher in less than two minutes.

Frank Andersson (1-0) defeats Manny Fernandez after a belly-to-belly suplex at 2:42:

Schiavone claims that Andersson was an Olympic gold medalist, something that is factually incorrect, and tries to explain that the reason other top WCW talent has not wrestled Andersson is because they are intimidated.  After doing various arm drag takedowns, Andersson does his typical finishing sequence of finishing a jobber after a blind charge, kicking Fernandez in the mid-section and ending the bout with a suplex.

Okerlund does the Slamboree Control Center segment.

Big Bubba Rogers (13-0) beats Kenny Kendall after a Big Bubba Slam at 1:16:

The commentators clarify Rogers “lights out” match with Sting at Slamboree means that there will be no disqualification, lest younger fans think that both men were going to wrestle in the dark.  Kendall excites the crowd by going for a headscissors, but Rogers dumps the young jobber on his face and hits his finisher shortly thereafter.  After the bell, he smacks Kendall around until the referee stops him.

Stars & Stripes (14-4) defeat Dino Casanova & Romeo Valentino when Marcus Bagwell pins Valentino after a suplex-flying body press combination at 2:18:

Kevin Sullivan and the Butcher deliver a promo in the split screen during Stars & Stripes entrance because they will be facing them on Worldwide next week.  The Patriot continues his usual shtick of not paying any attention to the referee after he blasts both jobbers with a flying shoulder block despite not being the legal man.  After that the jobbers are so discombobulated that they cannot mount any offense and Stars & Stripes rack up their fifteen win of the year.  However, their seven-match winning streak will be in jeopardy on Saturday Night when they wrestle Vader and Arn Anderson.

Okerlund interviews WCW Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat and Sister Sherri.  Stevie Ray puts over how the Heat are the best tag team in the world.  This feud is nearly exhausted as both teams have very little to add in their promos about why they still hate each other.

Television Championship Match:  Arn Anderson (Champion w/Colonel Robert Parker) (9-7-1) wrestles Alex Wright (25-0) to a time limit draw at 7:50:

The Television Championship has not been defended since March 25, when Anderson defeated John Crystal on Saturday Night.  Both men are booked to face each other at Slamboree and Schiavone telegraphs today’s finish as he notes that the time limit for this bout will be ten minutes and that the time limit will be extended at Slamboree.  Just like their match on Saturday Night on March 11, Anderson laughs off Wright, but unlike that contest this one features more stalling from Anderson and a few botches from Wright, as he fails to walk up Anderson to escape an arm ringer and do a hiptoss spot correctly.  Wright also goes for his finisher too soon, forcing Anderson to kick out of Wright’s reverse flying body press.  That knocks it down a few pegs, not helped by the accelerated timer of the ringside timekeeper that turns a ten-minute match into one that lasts less than eight minutes.  Rating:  *½

Tune in next week to see Stars & Stripes battle Kevin Sullivan & the Butcher!  Also, Sting and Sergeant Craig Pittman will be in action!

The Last Word:  The squashes were okay, but the announcers really needed to explain why Meng was not able to finish Bill Payne off as quickly as other jobbers just to give that element of his character more definition.  The feature match was poor, so that weighed down the show, but hopefully Anderson and Wright will put together a better match at Slamboree.

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