Shakeup Baby!

So EC3 and Lacey Evans debuted last night! On Main Event. EC3 came in with a thunder and defeated juggernaut Curt Hawkins while Lacey Evans announced her presence by jobbing to Natalya.

But hey, Baron Corbin and Elias fought for roughly the 26th time this month, so this whole new era has been great so far!

Well, it was a "new era" for one show because they popped a slight ratings increase.  So MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
On a related note to Lacey Evans' callup, what the fuck was the point of the Mae Young Classic this year?  Toni Storm wins and immediately goes back for NXT UK, watched by 10 people and Tommy Hall on the Network?  Literally we sat through 2 months of a tournament that meant absolutely nothing, when they could have used the momentum to bring some people up to the main roster and give them a bit of a push.  But nope, instead it's Lacey Evans, who is barely even on NXT TV.