Hey Scott, hope all is well. I have been reading the Omega rumors and if WWE is offering the money they are talking, its hard to turn down, $23 million. While NJPW puts on great matches and shows, the toll it takes on their bodies is crazy. For what its worth, WWE is a safer style, and AEW cannot offer the type of money WWE is offering, I think. I can think of AEW maybe offering some ownership to Omega. Plus, I can see Omega being the face of Smackdown. What do you think?

If you think that WWE is somehow safer than New Japan, there's about a billion guys on the injured list right now who would like to have a word with you.  

I do think Kenny (and to a lesser extent KUSHIDA) are the first guys in a long time who have a ton of leverage and can use it to make some big money at a point near the peak of their careers.  Playing two billionaires off each other is only gonna end with a lot of money in the bank for them.