Twitter Drama = $?

Hey Scott,

So I find out on 411 that The Revival have a Twitter feud with Drake Maverick and, I'm sorry, but maybe I'm an old guy or something but why am I supposed to care about this? It just comes off as a bunch of Mean Girls sarcasm mixed in with in-comments only DEEP smarks are likely to care about. Then you have Bianca Belair exposing Shayna Baszler as an MMA washout ahead of their big title match. How is that supposed to make me care about their match? You just exposed that your champion, who's basically been built as the baddest woman in NXT is all hype.

This is the exact nonsense Russo used to get crucified for. Why is no one going on twitter and just saying, "I'm gonna kick your ass," or something or talking about how so and so isn't as fast as me or any other type of trash-talking that's supposed to be happening if this were a legit competition?

Yeah, I don't understand this stuff either.  Or the promos with the word bubbles that pop up on screen like it's an episode of Batman or something.