All-American Wrestling’s “Memory Lane” gimmick

Catching up on the old rants of Raw as the New Generation is
pushed, I had a thought come to mind: During the Summer and Fall of ’94, the
WWF started having a weekly segment on All-American Wrestling called the “Memory
Lane Match”, which was old matches with new commentary, usually by a bored Stan
Lane and Ted Dibiase. A few examples are the Studd/Andre match from Mania 1,
Martel/Roberts from Mania 7, and my personal favorite, a 6-Man with Andre, Jay
Strongbow, and Billy White Wolf against the Executioners and Bruiser Brody (I think
from 75 or 76?). Most matches were clipped to hell, and only filled 3-5 minutes per week. 

This is around the same time the WWF started featuring
commercials for “The New Generation” and “lowlighted” guys like Hogan, Andre,
Putski, and the Iron Sheik as the “old” they were moving away from, but in
these flashback matches, Andre and Putski are featured in several matches and
talked about fondly, along with everyone else featured. What gives? Any clue
who came up with the concept, and do you think Vince McMahon had any knowledge
of this (since it happens to be around the time of his trial and on a program
he likely had little to do with). Just seems like an odd curiosity in an era
where they usually never acknowledged their past, let alone had a campaign
mocking it. Seems like a good topic for the blog members too.

Never heard of, or seen, the segments you're referring to.  But you have to remember that it was OK to be old and a legend, as long as you weren't with WCW at the time.