Mid-South Wrestling – March 22nd, 1984

March 22, 1984

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Jim Ross.

This week, we have Terry Taylor vs. Butch Reed in the TV Title Tournament.


The announcers tell us that Bill Watts was supposed to be on the air tonight but something happened. We then see Watts interview Taylor prior to the show and once again Taylor’s “Freeze Frame” video. Taylor then talks about winning. Now, we see Watts interview Reed but first we see a Reed video set to “Rappers Delight” by the Sugar Hill Gang. After that Reed talks about being the man but Jim Cornette comes out. Watts wants someone to remove the “sissy” but Cornette is still there then the Midnight Express attack Watts from behind. Reed walks away as the Midnight Express hold Watts up so Cornette can beat him with some object that might have been a slapjack and they all flee when he Rock ‘N’ Roll Express and a few other talent and officials run out for the save. Watts has been busted open. After Watts slapped Cornette last week we see Cornette get his revenge and beat down Watts as this feud will continue.


Midnight Express w/ Jim Cornette vs. Obie Davis & Josh Stroud

Before the match, Cornette warns everyone what will happen when he gets hit. Cornette joins on commentary and tries to get Ross to leave. The Midnight Express beat on Davis as Cornette puts over his team. Stroud tags in but the Midnight Express stay in control then Condrey hits a super powerslam, which Cornette calls the “Grave Digger,” then Eaton hits a flying elbow drop for the win (1:50). After the match the Midnights beat on Davis and toss him outside.

Thoughts: Another impressive showing by the Midnight Express with Cornette providing entertainment on commentary.


Back from break as Cornette has taken Ross’s seat as Ross is now back to being the ring announcer.


Mr. Wrestling II vs. “Leaping” Lanny Poffo

We start off on the mat with Mr. Wrestling eventually gaining control. Cornette goes on about Watts invading his space last night as Mr. Wrestling beats on Poffo in the corner. Cornette makes fun of Pierce as Mr. Wrestling now works a front facelock on the mat. Cornette continues to go after Pierce on commentary as Poffo fights back but Mr. Wrestling takes him down with a knee lift. Mr. Wrestling continues to slug away then hits a slam for a two count. Cornette now talks about the Midnight Express as Mr. Wrestling continues to bore us with his offense then Mr. Wrestling hits a back suplex and then the power knee lift for the win (5:11) 3/4*.

Thoughts: The match was incredibly boring and Mr. Wrestling II is the North American Heavyweight Champion and felt like anything but that here. The highlight on commentary was Cornette ragging on Pierce but with the champion in the ring they should have focused on that instead as he was in one of the company’s hottest feuds against Magnum TA. Poffo came off as an enhancement talent here as his midcard push is clearly over.


We see a replay from last week when Jim Duggan made his return to Mid-South to save Terry Taylor from the Russians.


Nikolai Volkoff & Krusher Kruschev vs. Randy Barber & John King

Kruschev destroys King to start. Barber tags in as Cornette says he does not agree with The Russians politics but believes they should be able to speak their mind. Volkoff then tags in and quickly puts Barber away with a backbreaker (1:01).

Thoughts: A dominating win to put over The Russians as a major force in Mid-South.


Pierce tells Cornette to leave or he will then threatens to have Duggan remove him from the table. Cornette says no one tells him to leave but does have to call his mother and will leave now on his own. Great line by Cornette as he is really succeeding at being an unlikable person.


Masao Ito vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

The crowd goes mental for Duggan, who beats on Ito in the corner. Duggan hits a knee drop then an elbow drop as Ross is back with Pierce on commentary. Duggan hits a clothesline then another knee drop for a two count. Ito uses a throat thrust as Ross puts over Ito’s dominance in Mid-South but Duggan fires up and hammers away. Duggan switches to a chinlock then pounds away and yells Darsow’s name before using the spear but Volkoff runs in with a board and goes after Duggan for the DQ (3:14) 1/2*.  Kruschev runs in with a board too and Duggan breaks that but Duggan gets outnumbered with Ito joining the Russians. Kruschev puts on the coal miner’s glove and gets ready to hit Duggan but the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express and Magnum TA run out for the save.

Thoughts: The crowd was jacked for Duggan here and it looks like Duggan will get his chance at revenge against Kruschev with another coal miner’s glove match. This particular match was not good and Ito was pretty much an enhancement guy here as Duggan dominated on offense.


TV Title Tournament Semfinals Match: “Hacksaw” Butch Reed vs. Terry Taylor

Winner faces Kruschev next week for the title and the money. Pierce says Watts was taken from the building in an unconscious state and we will get more updates next week. Reed bails after Taylor hit him with a flurry of offense. Taylor fires away and hits a back drop that only gets one. Taylor works the arm as Pierce tells us that Joe Savoldi vs. Buddy Landel is the standby match. Reed gains control after yanking Taylor down by the hair then he tosses him into the corner. We head to break with Reed choking out Taylor then return with Taylor hitting a dropkick. Taylor slams Reed as the fans go wild. Taylor gets booted in the face attempting a back drop then Reed uses an elbow smash from the middle rope. Reed drops Taylor throat-first as Ross says there is just under three minutes left in the show. Reed gets a nearfall then uses a front facelock on the mat. Taylor tries to escape but Reed takes him back down to the mat. Taylor escapes and they slug it out as there are just seconds left then Taylor hits an atomic drop and a dropkick but the bell rings as we hit curfew (8:41) **3/4. The action keeps going as Pierce says we will see what happens next week.

Thoughts: Taylor looked great and the fans really were behind him all the way. The drama at the end was excellent and we will have to see what happens next week since we did not get a winner. Taylor was an awesome worker at this time.


Final Thoughts: We had the big angle with Cornette & Midnight Express laying out Watts and the cliffhanger ending of who will face Kruschev in the TV Title finals. Plus, they amped up Duggan vs. Kruschev too as Mid-South continues to put out a great, fast-paced hour of TV.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

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Tuesday: WWF Monday Night RAW 1/25/93

Wednesday: WWF Madison Square Garden 1/29/93 (Headlock on Hunger benefit show)

Thursday: WWF Superstars 1/30/93, WWF Wrestling Challenge 1/31/93

Friday: WWF Monday Night RAW 2/1/93

Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 3/22/84