WWF Superstars – January 23rd, 1993

January 23, 1993

From the Freeman Colisuem in San Antonio, TX

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Randy Savage. Vince tells us that Crush is now out of the Royal Rumble match due to a severe concussion suffered after an attack from Doink the Clown. We then get Savage and Lawler going back-and-forth about how they will win the Rumble match, a theme that would continue throughout the show.

This week, we have an interview with Bret Hart. In action are Undertaker, Bam Bam Bigelow, Kamala, and Marty Jannetty.


The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer vs. Dave Silguero

Vince talks about Whippleman blaming The Undertaker for making Kamala different after losing at the Survivor Series. Undertaker beats on Silguero as we see an insert promo showing Undertaker’s glove with Undertaker saying “ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” The Undertaker stays in control then hits a tombstone for the win (1:50).

Thoughts: On commentary really focused on Whippleman’s anger towards Undertaker because of what happened to Kamala after their casket match.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This focuses on Doink the Clown attacking Crush last week with a prosthetic arm, loaded with led. Okerlund then talks about Doink ruining Crush’s shot at a title match. They are now saying the arm was loaded with led as it makes the attack more plausible seeing how the shots with the arm looked rather weak.


Ken Johnson vs. Marty Jannetty

Savage predicts that Marty will win the Intercontinental Title at the Royal Rumble then plugs the Rumble hotline. We then hear from Shawn in an insert promo saying he doesn’t care whose corner Sherri is in but that she will be with him at the Rumble. Okay then. Marty takes control of the match and puts Johnson away with the Rocker Dropper (1:09).

Thoughts: A quick match to hype Shawn vs. Marty at the Rumble as they continue to tease where Sherri will align herself during the match.


Papa Shango vs. Rudy Gonzalez

Shango beats on Gonzalez then we see him in an insert promo telling us to be aware of voodoo and himself. Shango drops an elbow as the announcers put over the competitors in the Rumble match then Shango uses a reverse shoulderbreaker for the win (1:34).

Thoughts: Shango is clearly being shot down the card and we will see more evidence of this at the PPV.


Replay of two weeks ago when Razor Ramon attacked Owen Hart during an interview from “WWF Mania.”


Raymond Rougeau welcomes Bret Hart to the interview platform. Bret talks about being the people’s champion but Razor interrupts on the video wall. Razor tells Bret to shut up and once again talks about how fun it was to squash Owen like a cockroach and how he’ll slap his daddy because he will take whatever he wants, including the World Heavyweight Title. Bret challenges Razor to come out and face him but Razor yells and says no one tells him what to do and when to do it and that they will fight at the Rumble. Razor also calls Bret a punk and that there is nothing anyone can do to stop him from taking the gold. Bret then says he takes pride in being champion and everyone will take pride when he kicks Razor’s butt. I thought this interview was cool and having Razor interrupt with the video wall is a good heel move. It also establishes another way in which the video wall can be utilized on TV. Razor was a complete dick here in running down and cutting off Bret. But despite the job he did Razor is still not at a star level. He tried though and given the state of the roster he was probably the best choice as challenger.


Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Gary Jackson

The announcers talk about the Bigelow/Bossman match at the Rumble as Bigelow catches Jackson with a hotshot. We hear from Bossman in an insert promo as he tells Bigelow that no one is bigger than the law and will teach that lesson. Bigelow stays in control then puts Jackson away with a diving headbutt (1:45). Lawler uses his Royal Magistrator to draw a shark on Bigelow.

Thoughts: With Bossman off of TV and just about on his way out of the company it seems clear that this match at the PPV will be a showcase for Bigelow.


The Nasty Boys tell us to donate to the Headlock on Hunger.


Royal Rumble Report with Gene Okerlund.


Dale Wolfe vs. Kamala w/ Slick

Kamala chokes out Wolfe but Slick tells him that is not allowed. We hear from Harvey Whippleman as he says Kamala will have to say his prayers with Slick when he faces Kimchee. Kamala knocks Wolfe down with a double chop then hits a splash and finally turns Wolfe over for the win as Vince says the fans helped Kamala turn over Wolfe (1:47). Slick then gets in the ring and congratulates Kamala.

Thoughts: They are now hyping up a future Kimchee vs. Kamala match so they are now going to feud until this happens. Kamala as a face though seems destined to fall, especially since he is starting off by feuding with Kimchee and how he still looks and acts the exact same as before with the only difference is that Slick does not want him to choke people.


Bobby Heenan talks about Narcissus debuting at the Royal Rumble


The show closes with Savage and Lawler arguing again over who is going to win the Rumble match.


Final Thoughts: This was last minute PPV hype as there were no angles run on the show. Next week we will find out the main event of WrestleMania and start to build towards that PPV.