WWF Mania – January 23rd, 1993

January 23, 1993

Todd Pettengill is your host.


We see footage from “Superstars” with Crush being taken to the hospital. Pettengill is in the studio saying no one should think this clown is funny anymore then we see the full attack and match where Crush defeated WT Jones.


Back in the studio as Pettengill says Crush is out of the Rumble with a severe concussion. Then we see footage of Doink after the attack laughing in the aisle.


Royal Rumble Report


Pettengill does a Jack Nicholson impression while plugging Gen. Scwarzkopf’s book as he apparently used a motivation tactic of allowing guys to watch WWF to get them to perform their tasks at a quicker pace. Pettengill’s comedy sucked but still better than Rob Bartlett on RAW because he was at least aiming to appeal to a certain demographic.


Virgil vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

This is from the 1/18 RAW taping. Sean Mooney and Lord Alfred Hayes are the announcers. A “Virgil sucks” chant breaks out as Sharpe actually gets some cheers. Virgil runs wild then Sharpe bails as the camera focuses on a Red Cross bucket used for the Headlock on Hunger campaign. A “Let’s go Mike” chant now breaks out as both men trade chops in the corner. Virgil uses a backslide for a two count then works a hammerlock on the mat. The Virgil sucks chant breaks out again as Virgil uses a crossbody for two. Sharpe clotheslines Virgil after blocking a reverse rollup then poses to a 50/50 reaction. Virgil fights back and uses turnbuckle smashes in the corner but Sharpe hits a clubbing forearm to regain control. The announcers tell us to buy the Royal Rumble on PPV as Sharpe continues to hammer away. Virgil counters a back drop with a mat slam then catches a charging Sharpe with a boot to the face. Virgil jabs away and hits a back suplex before using a Russian leg sweep for the win (5:53) *. Virgil got some cheers after the win then goes around with the donation bucket.

Thoughts: The crowd reaction to this was something else. The fact they even showed passion for these two guys is surprising. And poor Virgil having to go around with a donation bucket after getting booed by half of the audience was sad. Can’t expect too many donations with that reaction.


Replay of Repo Man attacking Randy Savage on RAW and taking his hat with Pettengil using goofy impressions. Pettengil then plugs the Ric Flair vs. Mr. Perfect Loser Leaves WWF match this coming Monday.


Tatanka defeats Tom Bennett from the 1/16 edition of “Superstars.”


Heenan talks about Narcissus.


Pettengil promises the Narcissus reveal right now then takes a bed sheet off of some production guy. Whatever, it was harmless comedy. Pettengil then plugs the WWF Hotline.


El Matador vs. Flair from the 1/18 edition of “Monday Night RAW.”


An ad for the Royal Rumble airs.


Razor Ramon defeats Buck Zumhoffe from the 1/16 edition of “Superstars.”


Pettengill talks about how we can donate to the Headlock on Hunger.


Final Thoughts: The featured match was entertaining due to the crowd but it remains just a recap show worth watching if you no longer have the syndicated shows in your area. Pettengill was not as try-hard as he was in the first episode but remained grating even if not as bad as Bartlett on RAW.