NXT rumble booking

While I’m not for over-saturating the match  gimmick in one weekend, I’d like to still think what if, hear me out:

Nxt Takeover Phoenix has its own 30 man royal rumble, filled with nxt stars, UK stars, some Indy stars they can get for one night :

Black defeats Ciampa clean OR Johnny costs Ciampa the title by accident , same way he did black, or on purpose, whatever works best

Velveteen Dream, with his niche for paying tribute, enters at a low number in a Flair robe and the nature boy on his tights .

Dream pulls an iron man, rumble booked like 92 where as “everyone hates Dream”, wins the rumble. Somewhere in there Ciampa gets Johnny  eliminated

Johnny vs Tomasso at WM takeover, title is not needed for their feud

Dream vs Black for title, their great storyline coming full circle

More than anything I just want to see how Nxt would book a rumble

Oh, dude, I'd be SOOOO burned out on the Rumble after that weekend.  They could do one later in the year, though.