Burning questions……..

Scott – help my new year get off to a great start and answer these burning questions for me please!!!

1.   DX vs Rated RKO……….I recently saw some highlights of this feud from late 2006 early 2007.  Seemed like a pretty good/intense feud.   Am I wrong?   Did it produce a good tag team match that you can recall?

Wasn't watching at that point, couldn't tell you. 

2.   The Shield vs Evolution………I remember them having 2 ppv matches in 2014.  I loved them both.   I know you reviewed one and gave it 4 stars.  Did you ever review the other match?   

Doesn't appear that I did. 

3.   Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar at WM 32.  I remember hearing that Ambrose was frustrated at Brock and that the match didn’t go like he wanted.   Do you know what the deal was?   I’m assuming Ambrose wanted a crazier brawl and Brock wanted to play it safe???

You got it. 

4.   Assuming Daniel Bryan is still champ come WM – who do book him against?

Maybe Kenny Omega, if Vince panics and signs him to cut off this AEW / ROH / New Japan uprising.

5.   Samoa 
Joe – being wasted or being used as he should be?

A little bit wasted but clearly his body is so shot now that he's not the guy to be champion anyway.