What the World Was Watching: WCW Saturday Night – April 8, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are in the booth and they are still taped from Atlanta, Georgia from March 22.  Heenan says that he could easily break the WCW Executive Board’s tie and reinstate Ric Flair.

Opening Contest:  Big Bubba Rogers (10-0) beats Tim Horner (0-3) via disqualification when Brad Armstrong interferes at 1:16:

Not much in this opener makes sense as Rogers goes on the attack, pushes referee Randy Anderson away, and then continues to beat on Horner until Armstrong runs in.  That should trigger a disqualification of Rogers in the least and a double disqualification at most, but the referee awards the bout to Rogers so he continues his undefeated streak.

Schiavone interviews Armstrong, who cannot find the appropriate camera, says that Rogers is not the only person on the roster from Cobb County, Georgia.  He challenges Rogers to a match on Main Event.

Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel promises that the WCW Executive Board will meet again next week and that a final decision will be reached to determine Ric Flair’s status.  Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage will also be at the meeting to make their case.  Since Flair cannot attend to argue on his own behalf I would hardly consider that fair.

Meng (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (5-0) defeats Joey Maggs after a thrust kick in eighteen seconds:

Meng continues mowing through jobbers as Schiavone suggests that Parker may put Meng into the United States title tournament.

Schiavone interviews Meng and Parker, with Parker discussing how his diamond ring comes from Elvis Presley.  Parker says that all of WCW’s top talents fear Meng and that he will be the next world champion.  Some of these Meng promos in recent weeks have been contradicting what the announcers are saying during Meng’s matches.  What title is he going for?

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Stars & Stripes (13-4) defeat George South & Jimmy Rogers when Marcus Bagwell wins South after a suplex-flying body press combination at 2:23:

South and Rogers rock the generic jobber black and they are mere victims to Stars & Stripes, who win their sixth consecutive match on tonight’s show.

Brian Pillman (8-0) beats Lieutenant James Earl (0-3) after the Atomic Blonde at 2:43:

The commentators no longer discuss Pillman as a possible cruiserweight champion.  Instead, he is noted as a possible top seed in the sixteen man U.S. title tournament.  Pillman rolls through Earl without much difficulty as one half of the State Patrol finds it difficult to counter his high impact offense.

For lack of something better to show, WCW provides a replay of the Harlem Heat-Nasty Boys match on the recent edition of Main Event.

The Nasty Boys (17-1-1) defeat Steve Storm & Chris Nelson when Jerry Sags pins Nelson after the Trip to Nastyville at 1:59:

This is the same type of squash the Nasty Boys usually do, hitting a couple of power moves en route to winning with the Trip to Nastyille.  Much like Worldwide, Heenan makes fun of Sags sloppy flying elbow drop.

Gene Okerlund interviews the Nasty Boys, informing them that Sister Sherri has decided to give the Nasties one last tag team title shot.  Sags says that desperation will drive them both to victory, with Brian Knobbs guaranteeing a three-peat.  No date is given for when this next title match will take place.

In a new “Be Fair to Flair” commercial, Ric Flair delivers a promo by a Hulk Hogan cardboard cutout.  He pleads for another chance to enter WCW and promises never to chop Hogan, kick him in the leg, do a knee drop, put him in the figure-four, interfere in his matches, and become a Hulkamaniac.  This segment was way too long and although Flair is not telling the truth, it seems silly for him to promise to want to be a Hulkamaniac when Hogan and Randy Savage only want him reinstated so they can kick his ass.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan (14-1) pins Sonny Trout after a three-point stance clothesline at 1:18:

Schiavone lets fans know that WCW is taking cameras to Dave Sullivan’s home to hear from him for the first time after Vader and Ric Flair tore him apart several weeks ago.  Duggan only uses two moves in this squash:  a clothesline and a body slam.

Jimmy Hart is in the WCW mailroom, holding a big crate of mail that he insists were sent to the Renegade.  A video package hypes the Renegade, who is flexing and doing Ultimate Warrior-like mannerisms.  Hart implies that Renegade will debut soon.

Vader (9-2) defeats Ian Weston after a powerbomb at 1:31:

Weston made several appearances in the WWF and WCW in the early 1990s, with Schiavone saying that he is a very muscular and powerful talent despite the fact that he is about as thin as a toothpick.  Those are the types of jobbers Vader loves to destroy, though, and the former United States titleholder is making his first in-ring appearance since Uncensored.  It looks like Vader kills Weston with a chokeslam and he screams at Hogan as he powerbombs Weston for the win.

Okerlund interviews Vader, who grunts and smashes some equipment.  Vader says that he is the greatest United States Champion of all time regardless of what Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel has to say.  He alleges that there is a great conspiracy in WCW against he and Flair that is led by Hulk Hogan, who fears both of them.

The Blue Bloods (1-0) defeat Red Tyler & Melvin Hagler when Lord Steven Regal makes Hagler submit to the Regal Stretch at 1:58:

Schiavone walks a fine line in making fun of the Blue Blood gimmick, noting how much different Bobby Eaton looks.  Tyler did a lot of jobs for the WWF from the late 1980s up to the mid-1990s, while Hagler was trying to play off the fame of famous middleweight champion Marvelous Marvin Hagler.  And of course, Heenan bites into that piece of material in the early going, conflating the two men.  The commentators sell this as the Blue Bloods debut, but fans who had WCW Worldwide syndicated in their area early on Saturday afternoons had already seen them wrestle their first match.  Regal and Eaton work a nice double team, with Eaton doing a chop block to Hagler while Regal simultaneously hits an elbow.  After the bell, Eaton gives Hagler a neckbreaker just because he can.

Schiavone interviews the Blue Bloods, with Regal carrying the mic work.  He says that their recent opponents were charity cases, and that since he and Eaton have to suffer in the United States they are going to make every other tag team in WCW suffer as well.

Okerlund says that Big Bubba Rogers has accepted Brad Armstrong’s challenge for a match tomorrow night on the Main Event.

Sting (8-1) beats Steve Austin (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (8-0) with a side roll at 12:58:

With the United States title tournament starting next week, this match was “tune up” of sorts between two top contenders for that title.  Lots of modern fans might be excited to see that these two wrestled each other in 1995, but this match is disappointing as Austin spends a lot of time working the back just to have Sting forget to sell it when making the usual comeback.  Things pick up when both men miss top rope dives at each other and keep reversing each other’s Tombstone piledriver attempts, and all of this chaos culminates in Sting winning out of nowhere.  Why does Austin have Parker in his corner if Parker is not going to do anything in big matches like this?  Rating:  **½

Schiavone interviews Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and Jimmy Hart.  Hogan and Savage go back and forth over who wants to tear Ric Flair apart first.  Hogan says that one of his arguments for Flair’s reinstatement is what he did to Dave Sullivan, which makes little sense because why would a sanctioning body want to welcome back someone who intentionally injured a fellow competitor?

The Last Word:  The result of the main event, which ended Austin’s unblemished mark in singles competition, was a clue that he was not going to be making a deep run in the United States title tournament.  Instead, it seems that Sting is the clear front runner and that Brian Pillman may also get a small push through the brackets as well.  The “Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage want Ric Flair back” storyline continues to make little sense as Flair was already retired due to the events at Halloween Havoc.  I suppose one could say that Flair successfully found his way underneath Hogan and Savage’s skins to trick them into getting him reinstated, but that is not the angle WCW is taking since that would show some babyface vulnerability that was not a characteristic of Hogan’s 1995 storylines.

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