Mid-South Wrestling – March 15, 1984

March 15, 1984

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and

This week we will see Magnum TA vs. Buddy Landel, Terry Taylor vs. Nikolai Volkoff, and Junkyard Dog vs. Krusher Khruschev for the TV Title Tournament. Plus, we now have a new North American Heavyweight Champion and new Tag Team champions too.


Bill Watts is at ringside with the TV Title Tournament bracket. We learn that JYD has forfeited and that Khruschev will advance. We then see Mr. Wrestling II hold the North American Title belt as he is the new champion and reason JYD is not here. Mr. Wrestling got booed then claims he was not cheating and just pulling up his knee pad. We then see a clip of Mr. Wrestling take something out of his tights and putting it above his knee to use for the power knee lift. We then see how Mr. Wrestling bailed on Magnum TA during their Tag Title match against the Midnight Express, where the loser had to get whipped five times. The Midnight Express won then whipped Magnum, who was in agony. Watts also went off about Cornette being in the ring where he does not belong as he is not an athlete. Watts also called Cornette a “sissy” a few times. We then go back to Mr. Wrestling who said he could no longer coach a guy with a big head like Magnum and was not going to get whipped due to his arrogance. Two things here. First, we learned that Mr. Wrestling II is the new North American Heavyweight champion and as a result, JYD is now leaving the territory.


Watts tells us that Alan Morris Jr. has passed away. He was a recent graduate in Shreveport and a Mid-South fan who passed away in an oil field accident. Nice of them to acknowledge a fan’s passing.


Clips of Russians giving the RnR haircuts.


Jerry Grey & Pat Rose vs. Rock ‘N’ Roll Express

The RnR are crazy over with the fans. Watts talks about the RnR frustrating their opponents with speed then they put Grey away with a double dropkick (1:22).

Thoughts: The RnR wrestled like no one else as far as Tag Team wrestlers and got over with the male fans too as a result. They are a breath of fresh air for the promotion.


We now get a celebration for the Midnight Express that was paid for by Cornette. It has a table and cake with the Midnights wearing birthday hats and drinking champagne. Cornette even reads a congratulatory note from his mother. Cornette also says the crowd are not invited and that he wanted a clown but Boyd Pierce was all booked up. They now want to show us now they have fun but as the Midnights are throwing confetti into the crowd, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express run out from behind and smush Cornette’s face into the cake. The Midnight Express then take their manager backstage as Watts is happy the “sissy” got his comeuppance. Nice to see Cornette get embarrassed and it sets up for the Midnight Express/RnR feud that we got a taste of on last week’s show.


Nikolai Volkoff vs. Terry Taylor

Volkoff knees Taylor in the mid-section as Watts continues to rag on Cornette. Taylor comes back with a sunset flip that gets two then works the arm. Volkoff fights back and hammers away in the corner. Volkoff then gets caught with a punch coming off of the top rope as Taylor fires away. Volkoff gets sent through the ropes with a dropkick then Kruschev runs out and distracts the ref. Taylor was prepared for the sneak attack but eats boot on a charge. Volkoff has Taylor up for the overhead backbreaker but Taylor floats over and uses a reverse rollup then Kruschev runs in for the attack and a DQ (3:11) *. The Russians beat on Taylor and use a hangman’s rope but Hacksaw Duggan runs out with his 2×4 and saves Taylor.

Thoughts: Huge news here with Duggan returning to Mid-South. He will now surely be feuding with The Russians.
Ross is now with Duggan as Duggan says sometimes a man needs to time to reflect but that he does not forget and will make up for lost time as he has thought about Darsow the entire time and vows revenge over losing the Coal Miner’s Glove match as he wants his glove back in a rematch and is going to be walking tall.


“Nature Boy” Buddy Landel vs. Magnum TA

We start off on the mat then Magnum scoops Landel up for a slam. Landel takes his time then cheap shots Magnum after a break. Landel hammers away as Watts puts over Landel’s arrogance and improvement since returning to Mid-South. Landel works the arm until Magnum punches his way out. Landel eats boot on a charge then hits a back drop before using mounted punches. Magnum hits another back drop then catches Landel with a belly-to-belly suplex for the win (4:57) *1/2.

Thoughts: Slower-paced than I would have hoped for but it was decent enough. Magnum needs a credible win since he is now feuding with the North American champion.


Masao Ito & “Hacksaw” Butch Reed vs. Obie Davis & Josh Stroud

Reed takes control early then tags out as Ito dumps Stround. Davis tags in and gets beaten down and Reed comes back in and kills Davis with a middle rope leg drop but pulls him up and uses a press slam then tags out as Ito hits a chop for the win (2:16).

Thoughts: The Reed & Ito pairing did not show much promise. And Reed is far too talented to be stuck with a flavor of the month type of heel in Ito.


Watts has the production team cue up another replay of Cornette. We then hear from Cornette with Ross afterwards as Cornette calls this the most humiliating that has ever happened in his life. He will sue everyone after talking to his mother’s attorney then Watts comes out to say he is the President of Mid-South and thought the incident was funny. Watts then calls Cornette’s bluff and says to sue him as Cornette tells Watts he is a washed-up cowboy who criticizes others while protecting his friends. Cornette then says he will buy Mid-South and make Watts a janitor then make his “geeky looking son” selling Midnight Express t-shirts as he pokes Watts in the chest. Watts refers to Cornette as a sissy again and threatens to retaliate physically if provoked again then walks away. Cornette puts his arm on Watts’s shoulder and gets slapped across the face and takes a fantastic bump. Great stuff with the Watts/Cornette feud now ready to take off.


Final Thoughts: We saw Mr. Wrestling II completely turn heel now as he cheated to defeat JYD and left his protege high and dry to lose the Tag Team Titles. And we also saw the Watts/Cornette beef take the next step and set up for the newly crowned Tag Team Champions, the Midnight Express, to feud with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express which would go on to become one of the greatest Tag Team feuds of all-time.