What the World Was Watching: WCW Pro – April 8, 1995

After having some broadcasts that lacked original matches, WCW Prime featured a new bout on April 3:

-Prime “MOOOO” Match of the Week:  Steve Austin (7-0) defeats Tim Horner (0-2) after a superplex at 3:48:

Dusty Rhodes christens this bout as the Prime “MOOO” Match of the Week.  He also notes that this appearance on WCW’s E-show is Horner’s Starrcade.  This match came from the late stages of a WCW Saturday Night taping in Atlanta judging by how few people there are in the crowd.  These two faced each other on the March 19 edition of Main Event and just like that contest, Austin rolls through Horner with little difficulty, finishing him once again with the superplex.  Rating:  *

-And now we head to WCW Pro for April 8 with Gordon Solie, Dusty Rhodes, and Larry Zbyszko on commentary.

Opening Contest:  Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner (1-1) beat the State Patrol (0-2) when Horner pins Sergeant Buddy Lee Parker after a half nelson bridging cradle at 9:34:

Solie notes that the main event for WCW Saturday Night will be Steve Austin against Sting.  Armstrong and Horner make a good team but they are bland relative to more colorful teams like Harlem Heat, the Nasty Boys, and Stars & Stripes.  During the match, Sergeant Buddy Lee Parker adds a new technique to an arm twister by biting Armstrong’s fingers and the State Patrol dominate the babyfaces in turn.  Sadly, their offense is relatively dry and does not keep the crowd engaged.  Armstrong appears to injure his knee when the State Patrol attempt a suplex-flying body press double team and Horner has to do much of the work for the finish.  Rating:  **

Sergeant Craig Pittman (7-0) defeats Kenny Kendall via submission to the Code Red at 2:19:

Pittman’s amateur style is mowing down jobbers left and right but one has to wonder if these techniques would work against more elite talent.  Pittman does not work the arm much before setting up the Code Red, but that makes the squash less dull as he incorporates a release German suplex and headbutt to the gut to set up the ending.

Stars & Stripes (12-4) beat Dave Young & Bobby Starr when Marcus Bagwell pins Young after a suplex-flying body press combination at 2:51:

WCW has an inability to book any tag team feuds outside of what is happening with the titles so Marcus Bagwell and the Patriot are just grinding their wheels at the moment.  Stars & Stripes rely on a lot of strikes for the win today as the jobbers mount no offense.

Paul Orndorff (2-1) pins Scott Armstrong (0-1) after a piledriver at 3:58:

Orndorff gets angry that the crowd chants “Paula” and one fan in the front row takes off his shirt and urges Orndorff to come after him.  Every time that Armstrong looks poised to go on an offensive run, Orndorff uses his veteran wit to counter and a piledriver ends things.  Rating:  ½*

Hacksaw Jim Duggan (13-1) beats Avalanche (1-4) via disqualification when Kevin Sullivan and the Butcher interfere at 6:57:

Duggan’s initial sell of a bearhug is funny as he looks at the camera as if to tell the audience “It is okay kids!” and showing no signs of pain.  That changes when Avalanche reapplies the hold and Duggan has to bite his way out.  After a somewhat rough start, this turns into a fun big man-small man brawl that gets knocked down a peg by the predictable interference from Avalanche’s stable buddies.  Rating:  *¼

After the bell, Avalanche goes to give Duggan an Avalanche Splash but runs into the Butcher.  Sullivan and Avalanche argue with him as the show goes off the air.

The announcers note that the Lord Steven Regal & Bobby Eaton will be making their tag team debut on WCW Saturday Night.

The Last Word:  The star ratings for today’s broadcasts may not have been great, but having so many feature-style matches was refreshing for WCW Pro.  And once again, it seemed like the Butcher would finally get kicked out of the Three Faces of Fear on this broadcast but that is being put off for another day.

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