Rock Star Gary reflects on WWF Monday Night RAW 10-04-1993

Taped from New Haven, CT

Airdate: October 4, 1993 (taped 9/27)

Attendance: 5,500 (3,200 paid)

Hosted by Vince McMahon & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Who will become the top two contenders for the IC title? What’s up with Bigelow and Doink? Let’s find out!

Opening montage.

Match 1 to determine challengers for the WWF Intercontinental title (battle royal):

Participants: 1-2-3 Kid, Adam Bomb, Bastion Booger, Bam Bam Bigelow, Bob Backlund, Diesel, Giant Gonzalez, Owen Hart, IRS, Marty Jannetty, Mabel, “The Model” Rick Martel, MVP, Pierre Ouellet, Mr. Perfect, Razor Ramon, Jacques Rougeau, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, & Tatanka


  • For those unaware, MVP was portrayed by Steve Lombardi.
  • To begin the match, Savage mounted the top turnbuckle twice and hit a pair of double axe handles to Gonzalez.
  • A group of wrestlers then ganged up on Gonzalez to eliminate him.
  • When Rougeau mounted the second turnbuckle, he leaped, but Ramon caught but couldn’t dump him.
  • Martel then mounted the second turnbuckle and nailed Owen with a double axe handle.
  • As Diesel amazingly eliminated Mabel, Ramon eliminated IRS.
  • Booger then eliminated the Kid while Diesel charged at Perfect only to get eliminated.
  • Following a commercial break, Backlund was eliminated on the opposite side of the ring.
  • Snuka then charged at Martel but got eliminated.
  • After Bigelow eliminated Perfect, Martel mounted the second turnbuckle and delivered a double axe handle to Jannetty.
  • While Savage was tied up in the ropes, Jannetty charged at Bomb but got eliminated.
  • Bigelow then low-bridged Tatanka to eliminate him.
  • When Savage wiped out Booger, he forgot to use a Kleenex.
  • Bigelow then tossed Ramon between the ropes to the floor, so Ramon re-entered to eliminate him.
  • Following another commercial break, Owen hit a standing dropkick to eliminate MVP.
  • Rougeau then eliminated Owen while the field dwindled down to six.
  • As Ouellet slammed Ramon, Rougeau backdropped him atop Ramon.
  • Rougeau and Martel then double-clotheslined Ramon while Heenan compared Canada to Three Mile Island.
  • After Ouellet delivered a leg drop to Ramon, Savage eliminated Bomb.
  • The Quebecers and Martel then collectively eliminated Savage.
  • FINAL FOUR: Ramon, Ouellet, Rougeau, and Martel.
  • When the heels triple-teamed Ramon, Martel mounted the second turnbuckle and hit a third double axe handle.
  • The heels then attempted a triple dropkick but failed. They’re heels. They’re not supposed to do that successfully.
  • As Ramon provided Ouellet and Martel with a double noggin knocker, the New Haven faithful chanted “Ra-zor.”
  • The Quebecers then double-slammed Ramon, but Ouellet inadvertently eliminated Rougeau.
  • After Ramon dumped Ouellet, Ramon and Martel finished as the two finalists.

Rating: NONE

Summary:  Ramon’s popularity enabled the climax to be more exciting than anything else within the match.

Afterward, officials separate Ramon and Martel.

Promo airs for Monday Night RAW. Why am I seeing an ad for a show I’m already watching?

Match 2: The Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) versus Mark Taylor & Scott Thomas


  • Del Ray tagged in, and Pritchard flipped him atop Thomas for 2.
  • As he delivered a gutwrench suplex, Del Ray followed with a knee drop.
  • Tags were exchanged on both sides while Pritchard LAUNCHED Del Ray for a springboard clothesline. Wow!
  • When Del Ray hit a flying back elbow, Pritchard tagged in, mounted the second turnbuckle, and delivered a Taylor sandwich.
  • Pritchard then suplexed Taylor before executing an enziguri.
  • After the Bodies double-suplexed Taylor, Pritchard tagged in, yet Del Ray delivered a DDT.
  • The Bodies then provided an incoming Thomas with a double superkick, and Del Ray pinned Taylor.
  • As a result, the Bodies won.

Rating: ½*

Summary:  Showcase match for the Bodies.

Promotional consideration paid for by the following: ICOPRO.

We then revisit Superstars when Doink dumped confetti on Bigelow. When Luna chastised him, Doink dumped a pail of water on her (aired 10/2, taped 8/31).

Prior to the next match, Doink teased Heenan with another bucket of water. Inevitably, it turned out to be popcorn. Woohoo!

Match 3: Doink the Clown versus Corey Student


  • When Doink made his entrance, he arrived in a little red wagon.
  • Doink backdropped and hip-tossed Student.
  • Upon delivering a standing dropkick, Doink followed with a belly-to-belly suplex.
  • He then powerslammed Student, mounted the top turnbuckle and hit a Whoopie Cushion.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Doink won.

Rating: ½*

Summary:  Showcase match for Doink.

After the match, Bigelow comes to the ring, but officials prevent him from attacking Doink. Instead, he destroys Doink’s little red wagon.

Promotional consideration paid for by the following: WWF action figures.

To finish the show, we revisit the finish to the battle royal.

Conclusion:  Completely skippable episode with ZERO redeeming value. Take a deep breath, ‘cuz next week we finally get the payoff.

TV Rating: 2.9

Stay tuned for WWF Monday Night RAW 10-11-93!

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