Favorite NXT Champs

It’s Wednesday, so I’m watching NXT, like I always do. Watching Io Sharai sent me down a mental rabbit hole thinking about the Women’s Champs of NXT. Sasha Banks was by far my favorite NXT Women’s Champ because she had me convinced she was the best in the goddamn world.

Here’s my question: Who were your favorite all-time NXT Champs in terms of how much you either enjoyed their reign or associate that reign with them? Singles, tags, and women? I think mine are Bobby Roode, The Revival and The Boss.

For the main belt, I’d say Finn Balor.  Great matches and the Demon gimmick came off like a big star. 
For the tag title, I’d go DIY.  I took it really personally when they lost the tag titles and then broke up. 
For the Women’s title it’s still Asuka by a mile.