WWF Wrestling Challenge – December 27th, 1992

December 27, 1992

From the Erie Civic Center in Erie, PA

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

This week in action are Money Inc., Crush, and Yokozuna

Crush vs. Kerry Davis

Crush grounds Davis as Heenan, like on Superstars, goes on about his “no more Mr. Nice Guy” plans for 1993. Crush drops Davis with a headbutt then we hear him in an insert promo talking about the new year before using a head vice for the win (2:25). The announcers also tell us how Crush has an explosive temper.

Thoughts: Its clear that with all of these mentions about Crush’s temper that they will be doing something with that for a feud.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. They showed the WWF Slam video here.


Damien Demento vs. Chris Hahn

Demento kicks down Hahn and bites his forehead. We see the clown in the aisle as Demento stays in control of the match then puts Hahn away after pulling out an object from his tights and sticking it in his knee pad and then hitting a knee drop (2:34).

Thoughts: Demento is now loading his knee pad instead of turning it around in order to win matches with his knee drop finisher. Either way, no one cares.


The Mr. Perfect/Wade Boggs segment airs.


Max Moon vs. Duane Gill

Moon has the streamers once again. Moon then rolls around and takes Gill down with an arm drag. Moon works the arm before hitting a dropkick as Gill rolls outside. Moon then dropkicks Gill off of the apron as the announcers talk about the Royal Rumble match. Moon suplexes Gill back into the ring then uses a reverse crossbody off of the top rope for the win (2:23).

Thoughts: Gorilla mentioned that Moon could be part of the Rumble match but this gimmick is already cooled off so no one is expecting much.


Royal Rumble ad.


Raymond Rougeau, now an interviewer, brings Yokozuna & Mr. Fuji to the interview platform. Rougeau asks Fuji about Yokozuna being one of the first wrestlers announced for the Rumble match. Fuji says no one can eliminate Yokozuna and that Yokozuna will be champion at WrestleMania IX. Rougeau was not very good here at all and the interview itself was basic but its clear they are pushing Yokozuna as a top heel.


Barry Hardy vs. Lance Cassidy

We see the clown back again as he takes Cassidy’s jacket from the ring attendant and place a “kick me hard” sign on the back. Cassidy knocks Hardy outside but Hardy returns and rams Cassidy into the corner. Cassidy fights back then puts Hardy away with a flying clothesline (2:24). After the match, the clown helps Cassidy put on his jacket then boots him on the ass as Cassidy left. A fan takes the sign off of the jacket and hands it to Cassidy, who squares off then leaves as Gorilla says the clown is lucky that Cassidy is a nice guy.

Thoughts: The stuff with the clown made Cassidy look like a complete dipshit as he just stood there looking at the clown laugh hysterically after getting kicked in the ass. Anyway, Cassidy wasn’t long for the company and the next set of TV tapings would be his last with the company.


Reverend Slick goes over his New Year’s resolution list and at the top is forgiveness.


“Jumping” Jim Brunzell & Mike Collins vs. Money Inc. w/ Jimmy Hart

The announcers talk about IRS not being announced for the Rumble match with Heenan accusing Gorilla of trying to start trouble. IRS beats down Brunzell but Brunzell comes back with a clothesline. Collins tags in and gets his ass kicked as we hear from the Nasty Boys in an insert promo wishing Money Inc. a nasty new year. Money Inc. stays in control then IRS uses a Write Off clothesline for the win (2:01).

Thoughts: Basic hype for the Tag Team Title feud and they played up what we saw last week when just DiBiase was announced for the Rumble match and not IRS but we will find out later that IRS is in fact in the match.


Royal Rumble Report


Bushwhackers defeat Barry Horowitz & Steve Lombardi in an abbreviated version of the match that aired on the 12/21 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.”


Next week in action are Tatanka, Shawn Michaels, and the debut of the Steiner Brothers. We then see Gorilla holding a kid decked out in Bret Hart gear talk about wanting to see Bret remain champion while Heenan says the kid better get a robe with feathers because Flair will be the new champion. An amusing segment.


Final Thoughts: Once again we see that Challenge is just a show to give us rehashed segments from other programs. The exclusive stuff was a crappy interview and another Slick promo but that is certainly not a reason alone to tune in for an hour.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Wendesday: WWF Prime Time Wrestling 12/28/92

Thursday: WWF Superstars 1/2/93, WWF Wrestling Challenge 1/3/93

Friday: WWF Prime Time Wrestling 1/4/93 (Final Episode)

Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 3/15/84, Mid-South Wrestling 3/22/84

Sunday: WWF Mania 1/9/93 (Debut Episode)