Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart in late 1997

Hey Scott, question about Jim Neidhart at the end of his WWF run in 1997.  I must have had a faulty memory cause when I think of his last few appearances in the WWF at the end of 1997, I always remembered that he got completely buried on the way out of the company(joining DX just for them to turn on him, getting beat down and having spray painted with WCW on his back, getting handcuffed helplessly to the ropes for a beatdown etc…).  But I just rewatched his final match with HHH and he got a lot of offense in and was booked pretty strong.  After getting spray painted, he got right back up and clotheslined both Michaels and HHH and was only taken out cause it was 3 on 1.  Even cuffed to the ropes, he kept fighting back and landed some shots on Michaels.  He also held on to Chyna while Slaughter and Shamrock took out HHH and MIchaels in a cool visual to end the show.  Not to mention Neidhart looked to be in the best shape of his career.  He was ripped for this match.  I know the money angle seemed to be Owen/Shamrock vs Michaels after Montreal but was there ever a thought of keeping Neidhart to run a program with Michaels after the screwjob?  That could have been a hot feud too to keep Michaels busy before the Royal Rumble.  And it made sense as well. And obviously at the end of the day he wins the feud and eventually moves onto Austin, so that doesn't change.  But would this have been a better opponent for Michaels over Shamrock at the December PPV and could it have been negotiated at all?  Or was Neidhart 100% set on leaving and joining Bret and Bulldog in WCW?  

There was zero thought of keeping Neidhart.  They literally only hired him for Bret in the first place and he wasn't even working with a contract as far as I know.