How to fix the Women’s Division


With all the talk of Becky Lynch being the new Stone Cold, I realized the best way for the WWE women to get over is to give the women gimmicks of past Superstars

Just imagine 

Becky Lynch: Goes full Steve Austin and drinks several cans of Guinness after a match 

Sasha Banks: Becomes the Big Boss Banks and handcuffs her opponents to the ring rope for Law and justice. Plus when she turns heel Michael Cole can call her sadistic 20 times in a five minute span.

Asuka: Leaves wrestling to become a manager, always has ceremonial salt on hand and stars in Asuka Vice and Asuka Bandito.  .   

Nia Jax: Either gets Jimmy Hart as a manager and become the Canadian Nia Jax or Slick and become the One Girl Gang

Emma: gets rehired, wears a mask and call her Repo Girl

Alicia Fox: With her captain's hat gets the gimmick she destined for as the new Tugboat, tooting through her matches  

Surely you can smell all the money they'll make if they do this!  The only ques tion is who can Tamina and Natalya emulate?
Wait, wait, I know this one…