Friday Night Party Thread: December 14, 2018

We made it!

Tonight, we have lower-level college football greatness, as the Div III (fourth-tier) championship takes place on ESPNU, while ESPN2 features the 1-AA (second-tier) semifinal matchup between South Dakota State and North Dakota State.  North Dakota State is REALLY GOOD, by the way.  As in, I think they’re even money vs UCF good.

Yes, I’m watching WCCW Star Wars 1981 and will report on it.  I’ll schedule it to go up Saturday noonish.

MEANWHILE IN NEW YORK, Kanye West has tweeted that he’d like to meet with Hideo Kojima in what might be the first ever meeting of the minds simulcast on SNL.  Note: about 5,000 people on Twitter made the “did you look under the cardboard box” joke.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Ashburn to help out with Hoppy Place, NOVA Pro’s debut in Loudoun County.  We’re out by the NFL training camp if Mapquest is accurate.

Enjoy the weekend!