Mixed Match Challenge

Mixed Match (Team) Challenge Series on Facebook Watch, must-see show if there ever was one

Jinder & Alicia vs R-Truth & Carmella as the final…I have no words. FB partners must be excited. Also Truth as nr 30 in the women's Royal Rumble? Trainwreck would be an understatement

There's many causes for concern in Titan Towers at the moment, but this is the least of them.  However, for all those who e-mail saying "HEY WWE SHOULD DO A G1 CLIMAX TOURNAMENT ON THE NETWORK IT'D BE AWESOME!" bear witness to what happens when they have to plan something for more than two weeks.  Do you WANT Jinder Mahal as #30 in the Rumble?  Because that's how you get Jinder as #30 in the Rumble.