Elseworlds to crisis

Scott- not sure if you're a berlantiverse fan but elseworlds was epic and directly sets up crisis on infinite earths. Highly recommended…what a rant that would be 

I was watching Flash and Supergirl and they lost me hardcore a couple of seasons back.  The Flash in particular got to be way too much mopey Barry and too many speedsters and I just couldn't take it anymore when it episode after episode of Barry bemoaning how Iris was destined to die.  And then it turned out to be an alternate timeline Barry or some shit and I was like "Peace, I'm out!"  The show actually moved to Netflix here in Canada so I can always catch up if I really wanted to, but meh.  Ditto for Supergirl, which just went into the toilet with the third season and the endlessly dull Daxam invasion storyline that led to her mom suddenly being alive as an offhand mid-episode plot twist.  

I've heard Legends of Tomorrow has gotten increasingly batshit crazy and fun but I'm really burned out on the whole endeavor at this point and unlike WWE, I CAN just find other stuff to watch and move on.