Stan Hansen the Jerk

Hey Scott,
How is it that Stan Hansen is never given more shit for his attitude?
Here’s a guy who:
A) Refused to lose to basically everyone
B) Was an insane bully
C) Routinely took liberties with his opponents
D) Was stiff to the point of non-cooperation in the ring and would routinely screw up his finishing move, blowing it off by saying “I got bad eyesight”
E) Refused to lose the AWA title and essentially put the final nail in that title’s coffin (I know it was all but worthless at that point but still. JR blows that whole thing off by saying, “Well, Japan ofered him more money.” Jeez, if a WWE guy tried that, there’d be a Network Special about he might’ve been a Nazi)
That’s basically everything the IWC complains about with Hogan, Cena, JBL, Holly, etc to an ever HIGHER degree and people just go, “Oh that Stan,” like he’s the cooky old Uncle or something.
Say what you want about Kevin Nash. I’ve never seen him throw a tantrum in the ring or try to mutilate his opponent 
Standrew money and he was fucking awesome, so I don’t see the issue.  ᐧ

Stan drew money and he was awesome.  Get over it.