Rock Star Gary reflects on WCW Fall Brawl ’93

WCW Fall Brawl ’93

Live from Houston, TX

Airdate: September 19, 1993

Attendance:  6,000 (3,500 paid)

Hosted by Tony Schiavone and Jesse “The Body” Ventura

Will the Masters of the Powerbomb wreak havoc during WarGames? Can Flair defend both the World title and Fifi’s honor? Let’s find out!

Match 1 for the WCW World TV title: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat (champion) versus Lord Steven Regal (w/ Sir William)


  • This match took place in ring #1.
  • “Last night” on WCW Saturday Night (taped 8/30), Regal attacked Steamboat in the ribs with Orndorff’s help and Sir William’s umbrella; hence, Steamboat’s ribs were taped for this match.
  • Steamboat tossed Regal over the top rope to the ramp, brawled with him, and chucked him like a slab of meat over the top rope into the ring.
  • When he mounted the top turnbuckle, Steamboat leaped and chopped Regal.
  • A portion of the Houston faithful chanted “Steamboat sucks” while their nemesis played possum to gain leverage. Clever!
  • As Regal reversed an Irish whip, Steamboat hit a cross body block for 2 while grimacing in pain.
  • Regal then backdropped Steamboat and followed with a somersault senton to the ribs.
  • After Regal hooked a rear chin lock, Steamboat countered with an electric chair.
  • He then attempted a splash but ate knees.
  • When Regal hooked a Canadian backbreaker, Steamboat escaped and chopped Regal on the head.
  • Regal then hooked a surfboard, but Steamboat wouldn’t submit.
  • As he removed the protective tape from Steamboat’s ribs, Regal delivered a double underhook suplex for 2.
  • Steamboat then catapulted Regal into the top turnbuckle but lost momentum on a slam attempt. That allowed Regal to get 2.
  • After he slammed Steamboat, Regal got another 2.
  • He then attempted a tombstone piledriver, but Steamboat reversed and hit his own tombstone piledriver for 2.
  • When Steamboat escaped a German suplex attempt, he rolled up Regal for another 2.
  • He then hooked an inside cradle but couldn’t get 3.
  • As Regal reversed an Irish whip, Steamboat suplexed him for yet another 2.
  • He then mounted the top turnbuckle, hit a cross body block, but further injured his ribs.
  • Since he couldn’t cover Regal immediately, Steamboat only got 2.
  • Deceptively, Regal tossed Steamboat over the top rope yet concurrently distracted referee Nick Patrick.
  • Steamboat then skinned the cat, but Sir William CLOBBERED him with the umbrella. How dastardly!
  • After Regal delivered a German suplex with a bridge, he pinned Steamboat.

Rating: ***


Summary: I’ll give them credit for the unique finish of exploiting Steamboat’s penchant for skinning the cat. Also, it was a really good match with both brawling, workrate, along with the psychology of Steamboat’s ribs.

On a podium, Eric Bischoff interviews the Nasty Boys who predict a top rope bulldog will earn them the titles over the Horsemen.

Match 2: Charlie Norris versus Big Sky


  • Popcorn, anyone? Who are these ham’n’eggers?
  • For those unaware, Big Sky was portrayed by Tyler Mane who’s better known for playing Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween II.
  • This match took place in ring #2.
  • While a portion of the Houston faithful chanted “We Want Flair” and “bo-ring,” Norris reversed a cross corner whip but ate boot on his follow-through.
  • Sky then delivered a chokeslam followed by a slam and leg drop.
  • As he slammed Norris again, Sky mounted the second turnbuckle but missed a knee drop.
  • Norris then reversed a cross corner whip and hit a bicycle kick.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Norris won.

Rating: ½*

Summary:  This was nothing more than an introduction of Norris to all of WCW’s audience. Neither wrestler impressed me whatsoever, and the size difference between the two big men was barely noticeable.

Backstage, Scott Dunlap, a high school student suffering from spastic cerebral palsy, interviews Smith. Way to live the dream, Scott!

Match 3: 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell versus “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff & the Equalizer


  • This match took place in ring #1.
  • When Scorpio tagged in, the babyfaces double-dropkicked Equalizer out of the ring.
  • Orndorff tagged in, and the heels double-backdropped Scorpio.
  • As Scorpio mounted the top turnbuckle, he delivered a cross body block, but Orndorff used momentum to land on top for a 1-count.
  • Bagwell tagged in, and the babyfaces double-hip-tossed Orndorff.
  • After Bagwell countered a vertical suplex with one of his own, he got 2 on Orndorff.
  • Scorpio then distracted referee Nick Patrick so Equalizer gave Bagwell a low bridge. SNEAKY!
  • While Scorpio kept the distraction going, Equalizer slammed Bagwell on the floor. Nefarious!
  • He then rammed Bagwell back-first into the apron while Schiavone advised Ventura not to kick Bagwell. HA!
  • When Bagwell attempted a sunset flip, Orndorff countered with a knuckle sandwich.
  • Equalizer tagged in, baited Scorpio to distract Patrick again, and double-teamed Bagwell with Orndorff. Devilish!
  • As Bagwell hooked a crucifix, he only earned a 1-count.
  • Equalizer rebounded with a clothesline for 2.
  • After Orndorff tagged in, he mounted the top turnbuckle and lowered the boom on Bagwell.
  • He then applied a bear hug, but Bagwell countered with a belly-to-back suplex.
  • Hot tag Scorpio.
  • When he hit a spinning heel kick, Scorpio dropkicked an incoming Orndorff.
  • He then mounted the top turnbuckle, delivered a cross body block, but only got 2.
  • With all four wrestlers in the ring, Orndorff clotheslined Scorpio.
  • The heels then double-clotheslined Bagwell while Scorpio recuperated on the apron.
  • As Scorpio mounted the top turnbuckle, heel miscommunication caused Orndorff to knock Equalizer down inadvertently.
  • Scorpio then hit the Diss that don’t Miss.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Scorpio and Bagwell won.

Rating: ***

Summary:  Solid tag match that followed the formula and got the Houston faithful on their feet.

After the match, Equalizer attacks Scorpio and leg-drops him. Orndorff then mounts the top turnbuckle and delivers a flying knee drop. When Bagwell tries to intervene, Orndorff hits a belly-to-back suplex on him. Equalizer’s trying to get heat?

Thanks, Junior.

On the podium, Bischoff interviews the NEW World TV champion Regal with Sir William.

Match 4: Ice Train (w/o Thunderbolt Patterson) versus Shanghai Pierce (w/ Tex Slazenger)


  • This match took place in ring #2.
  • As Slazenger distracted Train, Pierce delivered a lariat to the back of Train’s head.
  • Train then blocked a vertical suplex and hit one of his own.
  • When he backdropped Pierce, Train disrupted a double-team and powerslammed him.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Train won.

Rating: DUD

Summary: Showcase match for Train. What’s with all the big lugs on this show? Where are the Hollywood Blonds and Johnny B. Badd?

After the match, Slazenger enters the ring, but Train dispatches him immediately. He then nails Pierce sending him over the top rope to the floor.

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Match 5 for the WCW World tag team titles: The “Enforcer” Arn Anderson & “Pretty” Paul Roma (champions) versus the Nasty Boys (w/ Missy Hyatt)


  • This match marked Hyatt’s debut as the Nasty Boys’ valet and took place in ring #1.
  • When Roma powerslammed Knobbs, he provided an incoming Sags with the same treatment.
  • Tags were exchanged on both sides, and Arn gave Sags a cross corner whip followed by a back elbow.
  • As he rammed Sags’ left leg against the ring post, Arn tagged in Roma.
  • While the Houston faithful chanted “take it off” and “trash whore” at Hyatt, Arn tagged in, and the Horsemen broke the wishbone on Knobbs. OUCH!
  • Roma tagged in, received a cross corner whip, but made Knobbs eat boot during his follow-through.
  • After Sags tagged in, he delivered a double underhook suplex to Roma.
  • He then slammed Roma while Ventura joked with Schiavone about Hyatt’s knowledge of “holds.” Ahem.
  • Nevertheless, the Houston faithful chanted “Porky Pig” at the not-so-svelte Nasty Boys.
  • Knobbs tagged in, hit an elbow drop to Roma’s back, and got 2.
  • When Knobbs hooked a rear chin lock, Roma countered with an electric chair.
  • Hot tag Arn.
  • Sags then reversed an Irish whip but fell victim to a sleeper.
  • As Hyatt distracted referee Randy Anderson, Arn attempted a Vader bomb but ate knees.
  • Knobbs then clotheslined him over the top rope to the floor.
  • After Sags brought him in the hard way, he tossed Arn out of the other side of the ring.
  • Knobbs then slammed Arn on the floor. Wicked!
  • When Sags grabbed Ventura’s chair, he WALLOPED Arn in the back with it. Double OUCH!
  • Back in the ring, Sags gave Arn a HARD cross corner whip to further injure the back.
  • He then secured a Knobbs-assisted abdominal stretch before tagging in Knobbs.
  • As Knobbs applied his own abdominal stretch, Arn escaped and hooked one of his own.
  • Roma then distracted Anderson so Sags interfered.
  • After Sags tagged in, a false tag occurred.
  • Roma then distracted Anderson again; thus, the Nasty Boys gave Arn a double cross corner whip followed by a double clothesline for 2.
  • When Knobbs gave Arn another cross corner whip, he applied a bear hug.
  • Sags tagged in and suplexed Arn for another 2.
  • As Sags secured his own bear hug, Knobbs tagged in, and the Nasty Boys delivered a double back elbow.
  • Sags tagged in, but Arn double-face-planted both Nasty Boys.
  • Hot tag Roma.
  • After he clotheslined Knobbs, Roma dropkicked Sags.
  • He then supplied the Nasty Boys with a double noggin knocker, mounted the top turnbuckle, and hit a missile dropkick to Knobbs for 2.
  • When Roma unleashed a ten-punch count-along on Sags, Knobbs nailed him from behind.
  • They then attempted the top rope bulldog, but Arn shoved Sags down to the mat.
  • As Roma rolled up Knobbs, he got 2.
  • Arn then hit a SPINEBUSTER while Roma mounted the top turnbuckle.
  • After Roma delivered a flying splash, he earned a false pin because Anderson was placing Arn back in the babyface corner.
  • Sags then mounted the top turnbuckle and delivered a flying elbow to Roma.
  • 1-2-3.

Rating: **½

Summary:  For a team that knew they were winning the belts, the Nasty Boys didn’t showcase themselves very well. As it is, the Horsemen were only transitional champions having won the belts just the month before this show.

At ringside, Ventura interviews the NEW World tag team champions with Hyatt. While Hyatt revels in her revenge against Flair, Knobbs and Sags bask in their victory.

We then get a retrospective on Cactus Jack including the HEINOUS powerbomb on the concrete floor. As Chris Cruise narrates the segment, we see brief clips of “reporter” Catherine White on her quest to locate Cactus. Afterward, clips of Race with Cactus’ bag and his receiving a cactus as a gift are shown.

We then revisit Clash XXIV when Cactus returned to attack Vader. Next, we witness Race’s procurement of Kwan. To conclude the piece, a prerecorded interview with Cactus reveals that he was playing mind games with Vader. While the amnesia angle was hokey, the promo at the end was golden.

Match 6 (bounty): Cactus Jack versus Yoshi Kwan (w/ Harley Race)


  • Cactus Jack returned from an injury suffered at the hands of the World champion, so what does WCW do? Plug him into a World title match at the first available PPV? Nope, they transformed former member of New Breed Chris Champion into Asian sensation Yoshi Kwan as a foil for him to delay Cactus-Vader just a little longer. I hope Cactus retransforms Kwan from the Far East back into Chris Champion from the Southeast with a severe beating.
  • While Kwan made his entrance, a fan held up a sign welcoming “Mean” Gene Okerlund to WCW. Believe it or not, Ventura confirmed the acquisition.
  • This match took place in ring #2.
  • After a head butt caused Kwan to lay prone against the second rope, Cactus delivered a running guillotine.
  • He then hit a Cactus clothesline spilling both wrestlers over the top rope to the floor.
  • As Cactus focused his attention on Race, Kwan kicked him from behind.
  • He then rammed Cactus face-first into the apron, took him onto the ramp, gave him an Irish whip, and delivered an enziguri.
  • When they returned to ring #2, Kwan hit a spinning heel kick.
  • Cactus rebounded with an inverted atomic drop, but Race tripped him coming off the ropes. Devious!
  • After Race got up on the apron, heel miscommunication led to a double-arm DDT by Cactus.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Cactus won.

Rating: *

Summary:  For a bounty hunter, Kwan was neither Dick Slater nor Bob Orton. Welcome back, Cactus!

After the match, Cactus suplexes Race into the ring and retrieves his bag. He then challenges Vader to a match at Halloween Havoc ‘93.

We then revisit WCW Saturday Night when Rude kissed Fifi against her wishes (aired 8/28, taped 8/9). The scoundrel! He then CLOBBERED Flair with the World title belt before delivering a Rude Awakening.

Match 7 for the NWA World title: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (champion w/ Fifi) versus “Ravishing” Rick Rude


  • Who needs the NWA? WCW doesn’t! They withdrew from the NWA yet maintained this title if only for Flair’s sake.
  • This match took place in ring #1.
  • Buffer rumbled.
  • When Rude swiped the microphone from Buffer, he antagonized Flair and had Fifi’s picture displayed on his tights.
  • While Ventura made misogynistic remarks, Rude mounted the top turnbuckle but missed a knee drop.
  • Flair then hooked a figure-four leg lock, but Rude made the ropes.
  • As Rude clotheslined Flair over the top rope to the floor, he tried his best to seduce Fifi.
  • Meanwhile, Flair mounted the top turnbuckle and delivered an axe handle.
  • Ventura then dropped the “barefoot and pregnant” line, so Sarah Lee, the audio engineer, cut off his microphone. HA!
  • After Rude gave Flair a cross corner whip, he came up empty on his follow-through.
  • Due to Flair’s persistent work on Rude’s left arm, Rude couldn’t slam him.
  • Rude then attempted a hip toss, but Flair countered with a backslide for 2.
  • When Flair hit a cross body block, both wrestlers spilled over the top rope to the floor.
  • Rude then clotheslined Flair on the floor before ramming him back-first into the apron.
  • With Flair on the apron, Rude suplexed him back into the ring for 2.
  • He then slammed Flair, landed a forearm shot, and got another 2.
  • While the Houston faithful chanted “go Flair, go,” Rude hit a stungun.
  • He then gave Flair a cross corner whip that resulted in a Flair flip.
  • As Flair got up on the apron, Rude guillotined him with the top rope.
  • He then applied a bear hug for a series of 2-counts.
  • After Flair escaped, he provided Rude with a ten-punch count-along.
  • He then leaped at Rude but ate another stungun that resulted in a Flair flop.
  • When Rude mounted the top turnbuckle, he delivered an axe handle.
  • He then mounted the opposite top turnbuckle and hit a second axe handle.
  • As Rude mounted an adjacent top turnbuckle, Flair caught him in the midsection.
  • He then delivered a belly-to-back suplex followed by a knee drop.
  • After he hit a double underhook suplex, Flair got 2.
  • He then gave Rude a cross corner whip but ate knee on his follow-through.
  • When Rude hit a DDT, he got 2.
  • He then attempted a Rude Awakening, but Flair escaped and delivered one of his own for 2.
  • As Rude reversed an Irish whip, he hooked a sleeper.
  • Flair then countered with a knee crusher, asked referee Nick Patrick to check the time, and put a knee down near SOUTH Texas.
  • After Flair attempted another figure-four leg lock, Rude countered with an inside cradle for 2.
  • Flair then tossed Rude to the floor, joined, and guillotined him with the steel railing.
  • When Flair mounted the top turnbuckle, he hit an axe handle to Rude on the floor.
  • Back in the ring, Rude reversed a cross corner whip that resulted in another Flair flip.
  • This time, Flair caught his balance, mounted the top turnbuckle, leaped, but got caught with a clothesline.
  • Rude then mounted the opposite top turnbuckle, delivered a fist drop, but only got 2.
  • As he tossed Flair to the floor, Rude taunted Fifi.
  • Since she wouldn’t tolerate Rude’s bullshit, Fifi slapped him.
  • Rude then grabbed and kissed her before hoisting and harassing her in the ring.
  • After Flair returned to the ring, he backdropped Rude.
  • He then hit an inverted atomic drop followed by a flapjack.
  • While Flair hooked a figure-four leg lock for the second time, Fifi distracted Patrick.
  • That enabled Rude to pull a foreign object from his tights and ANNIHILATE Flair.
  • 1-2-3.

Rating: ****

Summary:  Despite the match’s exceedingly methodical pace, both wrestlers pulled out an extremely solid performance.

Schiavone then shills Halloween Havoc ‘93.

Match 8 (WarGames): WCW World champion Vader, Sid Vicious, & Harlem Heat (w/ Harley Race & Col. Rob Parker) versus Sting, the “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith, WCW US champion the “Natural” Dustin Rhodes, & the Shockmaster (w/ Road Warrior Animal)


  • Wait a minute! How did Rhodes become US champion (aired 9/11, taped 8/30)?
  • Despite Animal’s objection, Rhodes began the match with Vader.
  • He then mounted the top turnbuckle and nailed Vader.
  • Although Vader took advantage of Rhodes’ injured ribs, Rhodes removed his boot and CLOCKED Vader with it.
  • He then gave Vader a cross corner whip but ate boot on his follow-through.
  • As Vader clotheslined him, he slammed Rhodes.
  • He then mounted the second turnbuckle and delivered a Vader bomb.
  • When Rhodes rebounded with a DDT, the heels won the coin toss. How does that happen EVERY YEAR?
  • Vader then mounted the second turnbuckle, leaped, but received a powerslam.
  • After Kane (Stevie Ray) gave the heels a 2-on-1 advantage, he creamed Rhodes with the boot.
  • In the meantime, Vader rammed him face-first into the cage causing Rhodes to become BUSTED OPEN.
  • Sting entered the ring to even the odds and hit a double clothesline.
  • As he rammed Kane into the cage, Sting followed with a Stinger splash to Vader.
  • He then rammed Vader back-first into the cage before dumping him to the apron.
  • When Rhodes delivered a lariat to Kane, Sting sent Vader face-first into the cage.
  • Sid entered the cage, reversed a cross corner whip, and sent Sting into a running body block by Vader.
  • After he chokeslammed Sting, Sid fell victim to a face plant.
  • The heels then rammed Sting back-first into the top of the cage before flapjacking him.
  • As Smith entered the ring, he clotheslined Sid.
  • Vader then mounted the second turnbuckle, but Smith powerslammed him.
  • When the babyfaces rammed Sid back-first into the top of the cage, Sting supplied Sid and Kane with a double noggin knocker.
  • Rhodes then reversed an Irish whip sending Sid face-first into the cage.
  • After Kole (Booker T) entered the ring, he caught Smith on the second turnbuckle and slammed him down to the mat.
  • He then launched himself from ring #1 to ring #2 to shoulder-block Sting. Wow!
  • As Rhodes hooked a figure-four leg lock on Sid, Shockmaster entered the ring.
  • Shockmaster then rammed Kole into the cage twice before securing a bear hug.
  • When Kole submitted, the babyfaces won.

Rating: ***

Summary: While the duration of Shockmaster’s involvement in the match was kept to a much-appreciated minimum, this match didn’t resemble a grudge settlement unlike previous WarGames. Nonetheless, WCW sent the Houston faithful home happy.

After the match, the heels were upset, and Kole claims he didn’t submit. Schiavone then announces that the Vader-Cactus match at Halloween Havoc93 will be spin-the-wheel, make-the-deal. Hmmm…interesting.

Conclusion: Did Dusty Rhodes just grab a case of Lone Star beer, inform each wrestler to perform the same exact moves, and not give a shit? Bear hugs, double underhook suplexes, and an incredulous amount of rest holds permeated the show causing the Houston faithful to zone out during the important matches and ignore the showcase matches.

The three title changes seem important unless one was cognizant of the results of the Disney tapings.

If you’ve never seen this show before, have your caffeinated beverage ready. Otherwise, take a pass and…

Buyrate: 0.46

Stay tuned for WWF Monday Night RAW 9-27-93!

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