Hi Scott 

I've been watching WM 30 recently,  perhaps the biggest example of WWE snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. However,  what if the original card had gone ahead? Lets suppose Vince had been stubborn enough to press ahead with Orton- Batista as the main event and Bryan-Sheamus somewhere on the undercard.  Let's further assume, since its fantasy booking, that getting his win back over HHH is enough to persuade CM Punk to stick around a bit longer.  How do you see WM 30 going under these circumstances ( I'm assuming Lesnar still ends the streak and Cena still goes over Wyatt), both from a work rate perspective and in terms of how its recieved?

I think Orton-Batista would have been a complete disaster and ended the show on a real down note.  However, Punk and HHH probably would have put together a really good match somewhere in the midcard, so it might have balanced out to a certain degree.  But if 30 becomes remembered for the streak ending and then Orton boring the people to sleep in the main event, it's probably a forgotten thumbs down show.