Piper going over

I get Roddy Piper never jobbing in the early-mid 80s. But a decade later why was he so untouchable. In 96-98 long past his expiration date as a top wrestling talent he was booked to go over Hogan, Flair, and Savage on PPVs, never take clean losses and essentially be a top level face. Why?

As a part 2, since hogan/Piper rematched at SuperBrawl 97, why didn’t he just get a 2-month title reign before jobbing it back to Hogan?

Piper was always old school and super protective of his losses.  Granted by the time he got to WCW he probably shouldn’t have been, but if they’re not gonna ask him, he’s not gonna offer.  
As for why they didn’t change the title, good question.  Maybe they were thinking the Sting payoff was coming a LOT sooner than it did and didn’t want to waste the title change on Piper?