Commentary Questions

Hey Scott,

Need to get your opinion because it is being debated in the comments. Who is the better commentator Michael Cole or Tony Shiavone? I think despite his career worst work in WCW being really bad, Tony is way better than Cole. I think Tony did a lot to get the nWo over in the early days of the angle. Really selling that he personally felt like he was in danger, and his loyalty to WCW rang true. Whereas I don't think Cole has ever enhanced a storyline.

Now, just for fun; who is better: Mauro or Kevin Kelly?

I feel like all the people hating on Tony weren’t around watching him for years and years as the voice of Crockett.  Just because he got lazy and checked out at the end of WCW’s existence doesn’t mean he wasn’t really good for years leading up to it.  He blows Cole away on every level.