WWF 1992 Survivor Series

November 25, 1992

From the Richfield Coliseum in Richfield, OH

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan


The Headshrinkers w/ Afa vs. High Energy

We get a closeup of Afa eating what appears to be a piece of turkey. Samu shoves Owen down a few times to start. Owen gets the crowd behind him as Vince taunts Heenan over Mr. Perfect leaving him. Owen comes back with a crossbody that only gets one but follows with a few dropkicks after a fast-paced sequence. Koko tags in and tries a double noggin-knocker but that fails and to make matters worse he gets whacked in the back by a kendo stick. The Headshrinkers run interference to stay in control with Owen trying to rally the crowd behind his partner. The announcers put over The Headshrinkers as Koko remains in trouble. Koko manages to avoid a corner splash then tags out as Owen runs wild. Owen continues to impress with his offensive flurry but Samu catches him with a powerslam then Fatu tags in and hits a splash for the win (7:40) **1/2.

Thoughts: The idea was to put over The Headshrinkers but it was Owen who shined the most in this match. He was phenomenal when on offense. The Headshrinkers did basic stuff when getting heat on Koko but able to keep up with Owen’s speed to sell for the hot tag. A simple yet enjoyable opening match.


Sean Mooney is in the locker room warning us about the brutality we might see in the Nightstick Match between Nailz and Big Bossman. Nailz says he has been waiting for this match for a long time and promises to cram the nightstick down Bossman’s “stupid, stinking” throat then says he was wrongly incarcerated and will beat Bossman within an inch of his life.


We now see Gene Okerlund with Bossman as Nailz is shown heading down to the ring. Bossman says that he has seen the reports and that Nailz should serve a life sentence and that his job is to make sure that trash like Nailz serves hard times before running out to the ring. They are selling this match like its the end of the feud.


Nightstick Match: Nailz vs. Big Bossman

Bossman runs in and attacks Nailz before the bell. Nailz sends Bossman into the corner then hammers away. Nailz climbs up to get the pole but is yanked down. Nailz uses some jabs but eats boot on a charge as Bossman takes control. Bossman gives Nailz a foreman shiver and climbs up and almost reaches the nightstick but Nailz slams him off. Nailz then hits a backbreaer and chokes out Bossman on the mat. The camera shows the nightstick hanging from the pole as Nailz uses a chinlock. Bossman escapes but misses a splash then Nailz climbs up top. Bossman slowly heads over to the corner and is able to yank Nailz down as now both men are down. Nailz knees Bossman in the gut then we get a poor excuse of a double clothesline spot. Bossman is up first and climbs up to grab the nightstick and uses it to whack Nailz a few times. Nailz then knocks it out of Bossman’s hand and beats down Bossman. Nailz waits for Bossman to get up but misses a swing then Bossman hits the Bossman slam and gets the win (5:44) *. Nailz then walks backwards up the aisle as the announcers say this feud does not appear to be over.

Thoughts: They held off these two from getting physical on TV for months and this was the result. It should have been a brawl but the stipulations prohibited that from taking place and it set up to climbing spots. Plus, the ending was as anticlimactic as it gets for a blow off match. And they could even continue this based off of the end. And how this sets up Nailz as a threat to the Undertaker for their feud is beyond me but we never had to worry about that for long.


Okerlund is now with Razor Ramon & Ric Flair. After seeing what led to Mr. Perfect being Randy Savage’s partner, Flair asks Perfect what he was thinking in leaving the shadow of greatness as Razor says tonight they will prove that no one is perfect and he is the only one that oozes machismo. Razor also promises to carve up Savage as Flair goes nuts and says you have to survive.


“The Model” Rick Martel vs. Tatanka

Martel has the feather hanging from his hat. Vince plays up Tatanka’s undefeated streak. Martel slaps Tatanka after a break in the corner but gets chopped hard a few times as a result. Tatanka hits a pair of dropkicks then Martel rolls out for a breather. Tatanka sends Martel back outside and stays in control when he brings Martel back. Martel catches Tatanka with a hotshot and after that taunts the crowd. Vince brings up the fact that Sgt. Slaughter is here and puts over the change in rule enforcement as a result while Martel works a front facelock. Tatanka escapes with a suplex as the crowd is distracted by the clown that is in the aisle making balloon animals. Tatanka slingshots Martel back inside but Martel hits him with a throat thrust. The camera cuts to the clown once again after Martel hit a neckbreaker then Martel goes back to the front facelock. Most of the focus remains on the clown then we see Martel ram his shoulder into the post after missing a charge. Tatanka fires away in the corner then uses a backslide for a nearfall before working the arm. The clown is now ringside as we see Martel shove Tatanka outside. Martel heads out and rams Tatanka’s back into the apron then takes the match back inside. Martel goes up top but Tatanka catches him with a chop then fires away. Martel begs for mercy but Tatanka hits more chops then hits the Samoan drop for the win (11:07) *1/2. Tatanka then grabs the feathers as we see the clown pop the balloon animals he gave to the fans.

Thoughts: The end was fun but a majority of this match was restholds so they could cut away to the clown. The clown was the focus of the match, even more than Tatanka and his undefeated streak.


Mooney is backstage with Perfect & Savage. Perfect calls out Flair & Razor then Savage says while not trusting Perfect he knows that no one knows Flair & Razor better as the two appear to be on the same page for tonight.


Ric Flair & Razor Ramon vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage & Mr. Perfect

Savage comes out first for his team and introduces Perfect himself. Heenan is  flipping out on commentary about Perfect being a backstabber. Razor and Perfect start out the match and go back-and-forth for a bit as Flair is going nuts on the apron. Perfect chops Razor in the corner then Flair tags in and gets decked by Perfect. Flair bumps around for Perfect then gets chopped in the corner. Flair goes up-and-over in the corner and gets clotheslined off of the apron by Savage. Vince teases Heenan about Perfect’s performance as Savage tags in and lands several jabs. Razor runs in and gets decked but is able to cheap shot Savage from the apron. Razor hammers away in the corner then tries to work the leg but Savage fights him off. Razor drops Savage after a lifting choke then stomps away. Razor & Flair cut the ring in half and cheat when the referee has his back turned. Savage finally escapes from an abdominal stretch but misses an elbow drop as Razor goes on the attack. Flair tags in and tosses Savage outside then Razor inflicts some punishment and rolls Savage back inside. Flair gets a few nearfalls then taunts Perfect before tagging out. Razor locks on a single leg crab then we see Perfect head up the aisle. Heenan calls Perfect a low life for turning on Savage then Perfect comes back. Savage manages to stay alive and kicks out of several pin attempts. Perfect also helps break up a few pin attempts himself. Flair struts around then hits a corner clothesline before going over to taunt Perfect. Flair now heads up top but Savage slams him off then eventually tags out as the crowd goes wild. Perfect tosses Razor out from the corner then hits his neck snap. Perfect fires away then uses knee lifts on Flair. The match breaks down as Flair bops Savage over the head with a chair. Vince screams about Razor being the legal man, not Flair, as Perfect clotheslines Flair over the top rope. Perfect accidentally knocks the ref outside as Heenan said he was intentionally trying to get disqualified. Another ref runs out as Perfect counters the Razors Edge then hits a Perfect Plex but Flair makes the save after Perfect had Razor pinned for several seconds. The original ref runs in to count then Flair & Razor both beat on Perfect as the ref then throws out the match (16:38) ***. Razor grabs a chair but Savage makes the save. Flair has Perfect in the figure four then Perfect takes the chair and whacks Flair in the face. Heenan screams about how its not fair over Razor & Flair getting disqualified. Savage offers Perfect a double high five then Perfect accepts as the crowd cheers.

Thoughts: The focus was to cement Perfect as a babyface and I thought they did a good job. Perfect was not in ring shape and did not move the way he did prior to his injury in the Summer of ’91 and ultimately was never close to that level again. But this was match good and it had the most heat on the show. Savage sold for most of the time. The ending was crappy but they had to protect all four guys so I can see where they were coming from going with this finish.


Okerlund is now with Flair & Razor. Flair yells at Okerlund to shut up before saying next time Perfect will be taken out for good. Razor says he was double-crossed one time before and to ask that “chico” what happened…..if you can find him. So it seems like this feud will continue.


Yokozuna w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Virgil

Fuji is now wearing a robe instead of his trademark suit. We also have two Geisha girls in the ring. Virgil slides underneath Yokozuna and hits three dropkicks but soon after that runs into a thrust kick. Virgil lands some jabs but Yokozuna catches him with an uranage. Yokozuna hammers away but Virgil fights back. Yokozuna then catches Virgil with a side slam and hits a leg drop. Virgil tries a school boy but Yokozuna falls on top of Virgil then hits an avalance before the middle rope sit-down splash gets the win (3:34) *1/2.

Thoughts: Good for what it was and that was exposing Yokozuna to a National audience as a major threat. Virgil got his shine and bumped well for Yokozuna too.


Mooney is now in the locker room with Savage & Perfect as we get some comedy involving turkeys and other Thanksgiving jargon before Savage & Perfect celebrate. This was quite lame and similar to segments today where the babyfaces are given garbage material and no one laughs.


Beverly Brothers w/ The Genius & Money Inc. w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Natural Disasters & Nasty Boys

Before the match, IRS tells the crowd if they want to survive then they better pay their taxes. Blake taunts Typhoon after escaping from the corner. Typhoon responds by shoving Blake then doing his own taunting. The Disasters work over the Beverly Brothers as Vince says the WWF will return to Europe in February. Blake is still in trouble as the Nasty Boys work him over. Blake hits Sags low then tags out as Beau hammers away. Sags hits Beau with a pumphandle slam but Beau is able to fight back and hit a butterfly suplex. DiBiase tags in and chops away in the corner. Sags wins a battle over a suplex as both men are down but DiBiase tags out. IRS drops Sags with a back elbow smash before using a leg drop for a nearfall. Sags reverses a hip toss then takes down Money Inc. but neglects to tag out and takes a swing at the Beverly Brothers. Hart distracts Sags so IRS can attack from behind. The Beverly Brothers now beat on Sags with Blake getting a nearfall with a neckbreaker. Sags escapes from a chinlock then collides with Blake as both men are down. Earthquake tags in and beats on Beau as the crowd does not care about this match at all. The match breaks down then Earthquake puts Beau away with a sit-down splash as both Beverly Brothers are now gone (9:25). DiBiase gets worked over until he attacks Earthquake. Money Inc. hits Earthquake with a double back suplex that gets two. Money Inc work over Earthquake some more as Heenan brings up how Perfect should call Lloyd’s of London for some good, good insurance because he is going to need it after what Flair & Razor do to him. Earthquake catches DiBiase then tags out to Typhoon as he runs wild. DiBiase then trips up Typhoon from the floor and IRS uses a rollup for the pin (15:44). However, Sags sneaks up and rolls IRS up for the win (15:50) *1/4.

Thoughts: Way too long and no one in the crowd seemed to care. It continues the Money Inc./Nasty Boys feud though but the other two teams do not appear to have much of a future.


We see Tatanka, Perfect, and Savage talking to fans on the Survivor Series Hotline.


A video package on the Undertaker and Kamala feud.


Coffin Match: Kamala w/ Harvey Whippleman & Kimchee vs. The Undertaker w/ Kamala

Kamala ducks outside and Undertaker walks towards him as Kamala is scared. Kamala rolls inside then cuts off Undertaker but Undertaker fights back. Undertaker rams Kamala against the turnbuckle then chokes him out on the mat. Kamala fights back and knocks Undertaker outside. Undertaker goes after Kimchee and Whippleman but Kamala heads out for the save. Kamala hits Undertaker with Kimchee’s hat and sends him into the post and the steps. Kamala takes the action back inside where Undertaker sits up after getting slammed. Kamala slams him two more times and hits a splash. Kamala then hits two more splashes as Bearer goes up on the apron. Bearer is knocked off and the urn flies into the ring. Kamala is scared of the urn then gives it to Kimchee, who throws it back in but Undertaker gets up and whacks Kamala and covers for the win (5:27) 1/4*. Undertaker then rolls Kamala into the coffin and nails the cover shut.

Thoughts: This really sucked. In his shoot interview with RF Video, Kamala said that he liked working with The Undertaker but admitted they had bad matches. He also admitted to being legitimately afraid of being in a coffin and was relieved when this feud ended. Undertaker now presumably moves on to feud with Nailz while Kamala will have to find something.


Mooney is backstage with Shawn Michaels. He asks Shawn about pulling Sherri in front of him so she would take the mirror shot from Marty Jannetty. Shawn says that is false then once again says since he beat the man who beat Bret then he can beat Bret tonight and hold both titles.


Okerlund is with Bret Hart and asks him about his match. Bret says he has survived for 8.5 years and that Shawn is not going to stop that in one night. Bret talks about starting from the bottom and working through the Tag Team and Intercontinental Titles before getting to this point. Continuing the theme of Bret spending years of hard work to get on top.


WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart

The announcers talk about Bret’s constant title defenses with Heenan saying sooner or later its going to catch up. They end up in the ropes after some mat work then Bret works the arm. Bret regains control even after Shwan caught him with a drop toe hold with a hammerlock on the mat. Bret runs Shawn outside then drags him back in and goes back to the arm. Bret slingshots back on from the apron with a sunset flip that gets two and after that goes back to the arm as he continues to stay one step ahead of Shawn. Bret gets decked in the face but comes back with a clothesline that gets two and goes back to the arm. Shawn catches Bret with a hotshot then after a reversal sequence avoids a charge as Bret rams his shoulder into the post. Shawn takes a breather before hitting an arm breaker. Shawn fires away then whips Bret into the corner and covers for two. Shawn works a chinlock on the mat for a bit. Bret escapes but runs into a dropkick as Shawn covers for two while Heenan makes jokes about the Hart Family. Shawn puts on another chinlock but Bret gets out then hits Shawn with a swinging neckbreaker as both men are down. Shawn is up first and uses a front facelock. He gets a few nearfalls before going back to the front facelock. Bret floats over in the corner and hits a back suplex then he slingshots Shawn into the corner as both men are down on the mat. Bret kicks Shawn in the corner and hits a back drop for two. Bret gets a few nearfalls including one with a superplex but Shawn is able to send Bret outside. Shawn rams Bret into the post then rolls inside to break the count. Shawn takes Bret back inside and whips him hard into the corner and covers for two. Shawn tries another pin attempt that gets two and yells at the referee but that allows Bret to roll up Shawn from behind for a nearfall. Shawn catches Bret with a super kick then Shawn pulls himself up with the ropes and signals the match is over and tries the teardrop suplex but Bret breaks that up. They slug it out then Shawn hits the teardrop suplex but Bret is able to kick out at two. Shawn is beside himself then gets tied up in the ropes. Bret tries a running attack and whiffs as Shawn got himself free. Shawn heads up top to the middle rope but Bret grabs his legs and takes him down before locking on the Sharpshooter for the win (26:40) ****. After the match we see Santa Claus come down the aisle. Bret lowers the ropes for him and we see snow fall from the ceiling. Santa puts a hat on Bret and they celebrate together.

Thoughts: Excellent match but to be honest it just did not have enough build to feel like a main event title match. Even Bret said in his 1992 WWE Timeline from Kayfabe Commentaries that Shawn and himself felt the match was not fresh because they wrestled a lot at house shows and that if they got more TV to build the feud then they could have done even better. I don’t think anyone bought Shawn as having a chance to be champion but he had himself a great night as he can now go on to feud with Jannetty while Bret continues his quest as a fighting champion.


Final Thoughts: The two key matches were good, the opener was solid, and the rest forgettable. And for the most part that was expected. There is not a whole lot to seek out here but I wouldn’t call it a bad show. It was the first PPV with Bret as the champ and you can tell that the company was changing with this show serving as a transition of sorts. The buyrate was just 1.4 and it was about 2,000 short of a sell out as this was not a successful time in WWF History.




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Monday: WWF Superstars 12/5/92, WWF Wrestling Challenge 12/6/92

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