Tony Schiavone rep

Hi Scott

I recently read an article where Tony Schiavone spoke about working in Starbucks for a while as he had time on his hands. He comes across pretty well, a down to earth guy.

I know he jumped ship a couple of times during the late 80’s and early 90’s, but what is his reputation within the industry? As far as I am aware he isn’t employed by WWE, would he add a lot of knowledge? Or is he not a ‘wrestling guy’ and it was just a job to him?

Is it underserved that arguably his most famous quote is the ‘well that’ll put butts in seats’ line during the Monday night era. Something which I am sure he was Produced to say.


Tony had asked about a production job in recent years because he does well with his baseball career and doesn’t want to be on air with WWE again. However, from what he said, Kevin Dunn basically blew him off because they’re not looking for more “announcers “ and didn’t seem to understand what Tony was actually wanting to do.  I think Tony would be fantastic in the production side of things again and as an occasional DVD host like Sean Mooney and I hope they bring him home again someday soon.