Scott – a few questions about the women of WWE

1.  The women’s “revolution” – I know lots of us get sick of the WWE & Stephanie constantly patting themselves on the back about the revolution………but can we agree it is a great time for women’s wrestling in the WWE???  The fact that rumors are going around that Lynch/Rousey could main event WM and I believe they really could is a huge step.   Several years ago the thought of a women’s match main evening WM would have seemed impossible.

2.   Becky Lynch – I’m reading lots of online comments comparing her to Steve Austin, and saying she’s having one of the greatest runs of the modern era.   What do you think about her run over the last couple of months???  Seems to me like she’s on fire and by far the best thing on either show

3.   Carmella – why in the world did she get an extended run with the title???  From what I’ve seen she’s absolutely terrible.   Lynch’s rise over the last few months makes it seem even more ridiculous that Carmella was getting pushed for so long.   

4.   Sasha Banks – underutilized or exactly where she should be?

1.  If Rousey continues drawing the ratings she has, she's not main eventing anything for WWE for much longer.  Realistically, Evolution was a flop from a business standpoint (although it doesn't matter and blah blah) and although she's a big star, I don't know that Vince is gonna have her headlining WM. 
2.  She's been good, but people comparing her to Steve Austin are nuts.  Austin was pegged as a major star from the beginning and had business-transcending charisma.  Becky's funny on Instagram and has good matches.
3.  She's blonde and hot and they had a funny deal with Ellsworth.  That's about it.
4.  At this point, she's right where she belongs.