Why is the WWE Championship always the second tiered belt?

Hey Scott,

Just curious. Why has the WWE always chosen to present the WWE Championship with the full lineage going back to the beginning on SmackDown! as the lesser belt. During the first brand split, HHH and the resurrected World Championship was the RAW title and treated as the superior belt. It main evented WM 20 and 21 while JBL and Eddie Guerrero got the other belt. 

I guess things changed once Cena won it, but then when they did the brand split again in 2016, it feels like Brock and Roman's chase of the Universal belt is the focus and again, the WWE Championship is on Smackdown!

Why not put the old important title on RAW?

At this point I think we'd settle for ANYONE being champion on RAW.  Whatever their plan was for making money off Brock as champion this time is clearly not working.  

And in general, yours is the first complaint I've read that the WWE title is the one being treated like garbage.  For the entirety of Cena's run at the top it was the WWE title that was the main one, so you basically hand-waved 10 years away.  The most important title is whatever one is on RAW, so it doesn't matter which physical belt it is or what it's called.