Bret Owen Feud

Hey Scott!


I know 93-94 is a tough era to watch, but I’ve always loved the
Bret/Owen stuff from that time. A nice build, Owen was a great heel, and the
matches were awesome. If you were to do a quick inventory of your all- time
favorite feuds, where would it be? Top 5? 10? 20?

On a related noted, some have said that the two never had a
proper blow off to the feud: what’s your take on that?

The Summerslam match was a pretty good blowoff, I think.  Overall, though, I think the Bret vs Lawler feud was better.  The Owen feud just kind of died out.  I’ll call it maybe top 20 on the basis of two five star classics but it really didn’t do much for Owen overall.