Rick Flair

Hey Scott,

Was watching Flair/Steamboat Clash 6 a while back because do I need a reason to watch the greatest match of all time? Anyway, of course it is the greatest match ever but, I was reminded again of a botch that never seems to get the credit that it really does deserve: Ric Flair, coming out with 4 beautiful women and one of the greatest entrances of all time… and they spell his fucking name wrong on the Crockett-tron or whatever Turner was calling it.

Was there a story behind this?  HOW in G-d's name, does a botch this pathetic, for your biggest name, make it to air, when you probably had hours to pick it up? Did someone in the office, somehow misspell RIC FLAIR's name? Did no one proofread this? If you'd spelled Koko B. Ware's name wrong in 1989, Vince would've made sure you and the next 3 generations of your family were fired. This was the NWA's franchise.

There has to be a more interesting backstory beyond "Because WCW," if for no other reason than because, I'm pretty Turner wasn't in control of the NWA by this point. 

It's not like Jim Herd was micromanaging every facet of the production.  Especially in a case like WCW, they had dozens of different specialized production people, and it's entirely possible that someone wasn't a wrestling fan and thought it was totally possible that it was spelled "Rick Flair".  In fact, WWE's production team, the best in the world at what they do, screws up stuff like graphics and chyrons quite a lot, relatively speaking.  It's just the nature of live TV.