Hogan dropping the leg on Savage at Bash at The Beach

When Hogan became the third man of the NWO and dropped the leg on Savage, was that done because they knew already that they were going to headline Halloween Havoc, or was it just done because of the Hogan-Savage history together?

If he drops the leg on Sting or Luger would it have had the same impact?

And with their backstage history was there any heat from Savage on taking the beating from Hogan once Hulk turned heel?

The Hogan-Savage match for Halloween Havoc had literally been promised to the arena months in advance, so they definitely knew where they were going, whether or not Hogan was a heel when they got there. It kind of made it all the more bizarre when they beat Savage down repeatedly following the heel turn, and then suddenly had to justify giving him a title shot there.  I don't think it was related to who took the big legdrop, though.