Creed 2 fight rankings

So I am sending this a second time because apparently sending the same e-mail multiple times seems to work.

Adonis Creed vs Danny "Stuntman" Wheeler: **** One star for the fight three extra stars because "gimme my keys" may be the greatest bit of trash talk ever and I am considering using it in my day to day life now.

Creed vs Victor Drago 1" * A one sided fight with a cop out ending. Gets a star only because I honestly didn't see a DQ finish coming.

Creed vs Drago 2: ****3/4. I tried to find fault with this fight and I honestly couldn't. A brutal back and fourth bout with both guys showing tremendous courage and a fantastic twist ending, that was also a callback to Apollo vs Ivan. Doesn't get the full
five stars ONLY because I like Rocky Vs Drago a little bit better.

The babyface turn at the end was spectacularly done and the kind of thing that WWE has been shitty at for decades now.