Are there any good Hollywood Hogan matches?

Hey Scott, did Hogan have ANY good matches as Hollywood Hogan in WCW? I wasn't watching WCW until around Starrcade '97, and Hogan/Sting at that is obviously not good. I recently watched the Bash at the Beach 1996 ending so wanted to see what they followed that up with and it was an atrocious match vs. the Giant at Road Wild. Is anything he did in-ring during that period worth checking out? And I ask this as someone who was a big Hulkamaniac as a kid/loved Rock vs. Hogan at Mania 18.


I don't specifically recall many, to be honest.  I think the Luger one coming up on Nitro in August was OK and I can't really think of any other standouts.  He had a couple of good ones with Flair (shock of shocks) but I think that was after he morphed back into babyface Hogan again.