WWF Prime Time Wrestling – November 16, 1992

November 16, 1992

Vince McMahon is your host. Panelists include: Hillbilly Jim, Jim Duggan, Mr. Perfect, and Bobby Heenan

Vince McMahon confirms the rumors of the Ultimate Warrior not being at the Survivor Series and that Randy Savage will need to find a new partner. We now see Savage via satellite as Vince tells us that WWF President Jack Tunney has given Savage 24 hours to find a partner. Heenan & Perfect joke about Savage being able to find a partner within that time frame. Savage then says he has someone in mind and wants to know if they have the guts to accept. Vince asks for clues as Savage says this guy knows his opponents more than he does then Savage says he is going to issue a big gut check then finally reveals his choice as Perfect himself. Perfect laughs as Heenan says Perfect knows everything there is about Flair. Savage then puts over Perfect’s ability but Duggan wants Savage to think about his choice. Savage tells Perfect if he can’t handle it to say so right now and he will not have a problem. Heenan says that Perfect is the natural choice due to how much he knows Flair then Heenan jokes that Savage select the midget who yells “the plane, the plane.” It turns out that the cliffhanger ending from “Saturday Night’s Main Event” turned out to be true as Warrior is now off the show. And in reality he was fired from the company along with the British Bulldog. But to have Savage name Perfect as his partner is certainly intriguing.


High Energy gets a DQ win over the Beverly Brothers in a match first shown on the 7/13/92 edition of Prime Time.


WWF Special Report from “Wrestling Challenge” about Kamala and The Undertaker.


Max Moon vs. Dusty Wolfe

This match took place at the 10/26 Prime Time tapings in Springfield, IL . Moon works over Wolfe to start as the announcers talk about the Coffin Match at the Survivor Series. Moon targets the arm as we see the clown cheering in the front row. Wolfe shoves Moon then gets knocked down. Wolfe comes back to rake the eyes but Moon catches him with a hip toss. Moon works the arm again after hitting a dropkick as the announcers tell us to order the PPV. Wolfe fights back and uses his crappy offense but eats boot on a charge. Moon then hits a bulldog from the middle rope then the rolling fireman’s carry slam before using a flying body press for the win (4:29).

Thoughts: Not much to this match as the announcers talked about matches taking place at the PPV. Moon was not getting much of a push and Wolfe’s offense looked terrible.


We are back to the studio as Heenan keeps laughing. The phone rings and its for Perfect, who tells whoever is calling that they are crazy but he is flattered. Perfect’s tone becomes more serious as Heenan laughs. Then after a brief Event Center segment we come back with Vince telling Perfect he might want to think about the masterful job Heenan has done in keeping him on the sidelines. Vince then says that Flair is a “glory hound” and has schemed with Heenan to keep him out of the spotlight. Heenan tells Perfect he’s a great broadcaster and consultant but Vince yells at Heenan for taking all of the credit in having Flair in the WWF. Vince continues to go on about Heenan as Perfect ponders what is going right before the break. We now have Vince stirring up the pot by saying Heenan & Flair kept Perfect on the sidelines and Perfect is actually sitting back to think about this statement.


We see some of the “Saturday Night’s Main Event” match between Shawn Michaels and the British Bulldog.


In the studio we get more talk as the camera zooms in on Perfect’s face as he does not appear too happy.


We now hear from Flair & Razor Ramon via satellite. Vince asks them about Savage picking Perfect to be his partner. Razor tells Perfect that Savage is “loco” and that Perfect works for them, even adding that he heard Perfect used to be somebody. Flair says some people go to great lengths to create entertainment but that they are great because he wrestles while Perfect consults. The camera once again  zooms in on Perfect as Vince brings up Perfect living in Flair’s shadow as Flair tells Vince to stop stirring things up then once again tells us that he’s the star while Perfect knows his role and manages. Hillbilly then asks Perfect if he is just a manager then if he thinks that Flair is a better wrestler. Perfect thinks he is a better wrestler than both men and calls himself the best in the entire WWF but Flair & Razor find it amusing and say he is a manager that works for them. Hell of a segment here as Flair & Razor confirmed what Vince said about Perfect being intentionally held out in order to let Flair shine. Perfect fought back but still did not accept Savage’s offer.


Lance Cassidy vs. “Terrific” Terry Taylor

Another match from the 10/26 Prime Time tapings. Both men trade arm drags to start. Cassidy elbows out of a hammerlock and hits a few more arm drags before applying an armbar. The announcers talk about the Nailz/Bossman feud as Taylor takes control after grabbing Cassidy’s hair. Cassidy reapplies the armbar then hammers away in the corner. Taylor sidesteps a corner charge then works over the shoulder of Cassidy that rammed into the post. Cassidy tries to fight back but gets tossed outside. Cassidy is able to slingshot back in with a sunset flip that gets two as Gorilla says this will be the greatest Survivor Series of all-time. Taylor goes back to the shoulder after hitting a clothesline. Cassidy manages to get a nearfall with a Thesz Press but Taylor quickly regains control. Cassidy floats over on a suplex attempt then uses a few rollups as the announcer mention Cassidy being a second generation wrestler and try to guess his father. Cassidy hits an atomic drop then fires away but this crowd does not give a fuck. Cassidy heads up top after a slam and hits a flying body press then they keep rolling through until Taylor gets his foot on the ropes. Taylor then catches Cassidy with a gutwrench powerbomb but the time-limt expires. Taylor yells at the ref then Cassidy dropkicks him out of the ring (9:27) *1/2.

Thoughts: The last couple of minutes were fine but the rest was lousy and the crowd even booed at points. Cassidy is at least getting syndicated TV matches while Taylor has been restricted to Prime Time only.


We see a graphic stating “Slam Jam” is coming on January 9th. This was for a new WWF show but instead of the Slam Jam title it would become “WWF Mania.”


The panel is back now with Vince saying whoever is Savage’s partner will get a a great pay day and a spot in the limelight. Vince then asks Perfect if he is a professional and Perfect says he is but Heenan says Perfect is now going anywhere. Hillbilly points out how Heenan, along with Flair & Razor, are saying Perfect is just a manager as Heenan tells Perfect they all have certain jobs to perform. Heenan then says there is no reason for Perfect to get into the ring as Hillbilly says there is more money for him as a wrestler. Vince then asks Perfect if he’s afraid but Perfect says he is not afraid of anyone and can still get into the ring today and be on top of his game. Hillbilly then adds that Heenan has been calling Perfect a “has-been” as Perfect is furious. Again, this is playing out brilliantly with Perfect becoming more and more aware of the fact he is being intentionally held back and now out to prove that he can do it in the ring despite the long layoff.


Big Bossman and Rick Martel wrestle a double disqualification in a match first shown on the 9/21/92 edition of  Prime Time. This match is also featured on the “WrestleFest ’93” Coliseum Home Video release.


Razor Ramon defeats Dale Hutchinson in a match from the 11/15 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


In the studio, Perfect smirks as Vince says we do not know who will be Savage’s partner. We are back to Savage as he wonders if Razor scares Perfect or that Perfect is afraid to escape from Flair’s shadow, possibly both. Savage then calls out Perfect for not having the guts. Perfect stands up and yells at Savage to shut up. Perfect says he can wrestle all three guys by himself. Savage likes Perfect’s attitude but unaware if Perfect has what it takes then Vince wants to know if Perfect will consider this proposal. Perfect says he will consider but Heenan flips out. Heenan says he isn’t going to consider a thing as the two yell. We return from break with everyone back via satellite. Razor tells Perfect to listen and that he works for them. Razor then reminds Perfect he has not wrestled in over a year and that Flair & Heenan, along with himself, have made him into someone. Flair considers this a bad joke and wants to know Perfect’s answer as he says there is nothing wrong with being in his shadow. Savage tells Perfect that Razor told him to shut up while Flair offered a ride in HIS limousine then Savage wants Perfect to be a man and show he has the guts. Everyone speaks Savage tells Perfect he thinks he is great and needs an answer or else he’ll have to move on.


Jim Duggan defeats Repo Man from the 4/19 “UK Rampage” show.


Damian Demento vs. El Matador

Another match from the 10/26 tapings. The announcers tell us to order the PPV as Demento works the arm. The clown is strutting around in the bleachers as Demento hammers away. Matador comes back with a crossbody that gets two then works the arm. The announcers now talk about the clown as Matador continues to work the arm until Demento uses a cheap shot. Demento hits a leg drop then finally makes a cover and gets two. Demento uses a chinlock but Matador escapes then uses ten turnbuckle smashes in the corner. Matador sends Demento through the ropes with a flying forearm but gets hit with a shoulder thrust from the apron. Demento then covers and grabs the tights but referee Bill Alfonzo notices and calls for the bell as Demento gets disqualified (4:33) 1/2*.

Thoughts: Christ is Demento awful. Matador couldn’t even drag anything remotely decent out of him. The finish, which is to further along this story of referees enforcing the rules more than ever, really came off lame here. Losing a match by DQ after grabbing the tights on a pin attempt is quite low on the list of quality finishes.


We are in the studio awaiting Perfect’s answer. Heenan then puts his hand over Perfect’s mouth and says he’ll answer for him but Perfect pushes his hand away. Heenan yells at Perfect for not making the right decisions and says he is taking charge. Heenan also says people in life need to take orders but Perfect gets up and says he’s sick and tired of people making decisions for him and accepts Savage’s offer. Heenan gets pissed and slaps Perfect but Perfect grabs Heenan by the tie and begs as Perfect accuses Heenan for always holding him back. Heenan now begs on his knees for more money and cars but Perfect takes the water pitcher on the table and pours it all over Heenan and calls him a “wet weasel” as he yells about being back. And now its official as Perfect has had enough of everyone’s shit and will accept Savage’s offer to be his partner. Heenan was his usual great self in begging for mercy as Perfect is now officially back in the ring.


Bam Bam Bigelow vignette airs to hype his return.


Marty Jannetty defeats Iron Mike Sharpe from the 11/14 edition of “Superstars.”


We get a plug for the Survivor Series showdown, which will take place Sunday at 8pm EST.


Savage tells Perfect that while they do not like each other there is a mutual respect for their athletic abilities. We now hear from Flair & Razor as they are pissed while Perfect laughs. Flair then calls Perfect by his real name “Hennig” as he rips open his shirt. Perfect then calls Savage and himself the “Perfect Team” and predicts victory while promising to “woooo” at Flair after winning.


Final Thoughts: The sudden turn of Mr. Perfect worked about as well as they could have hoped for on this show. Given the circumstances of Warrior getting fired and the need of a face to team with Savage (and there were rumors of Hulk Hogan coming back to team with Savage but those two hated each other at the time) this was the best option. Speaking of Warrior, while reported that he was fired due to “unprofessional conduct,” the real reason according to both Bret Hart and Bruce Prichard was that their HGH/Steroid dealer got busted. Bret said that Vince called him up to say that he had to fire both Warrior and the British Bulldog as their dealer in Europe got busted then Warrior panicked and told Vince, without telling Bulldog, that their guy got busted and they were on his list. Vince, who was on trial, said their names were toxic and fired them on the spot. It should be known that Warrior denies this and claims he was set up by the McMahons.

Another thing on this show was that they aired three matches shown from other PTW episodes (the Duggan/Repo match was also aired on a show earlier in the year) which was odd given they just had a taping specifically for the show. A taping that had Jimmy Garvin try out and reportedly bomb as an interviewer mind you. Despite PTW lacking this was the most memorable show of this format.