WWE Champions Roster



Hey Scott,

Any chance you can share your roster on WWE Champions?  I’d love to see where you are in the game and who you got.  I appreciate your comments in the WWEChampions reddit.


Hoo boy, that’s a long list.
(Warning: Extreme niche nerd content ahead!)


 I’ve got 122 guys currently with no four stars as of yet but a couple who are close.  I’ve got 7 at 3 star gold, with my heavy hitters being Phenom Undertaker, Deadman Undertaker, Finn Balor, Mr Perfect and Andre the Giant.  Andre and Phenom are ready to go 4 stars with a couple of tokens.  My acrobat game is  hella weak, with NXT Seth at 3 gold and Jeff Hardy and Kalisto at silver and I’ve gotta decide what I want to do there because I’m unlikely to pull AJ or Macho Man anytime soon.
I’ve got tons of 3 star silvers because I’ve been playing so long that I just levelled up guys on a whim for events and stuff, like List Jericho or The Rock.  My usual daily driver for the past couple of weeks has been Tech DDP, or Zombie Sasha on the ladies side.  I just pulled Vince yesterday and he’s super fun, especially when you’re not the one facing him.
Anyway, for those interested in following my discussions on reddit, it’s at http://reddit.com/r/wwechampions, but be warned that it’s a pretty toxic community at times.  In game, I’m the leader of a faction called BulletclubRJD if you’re a fellow addict to this life sucking game and want to join up.