Hogan v Nikita


Greetings! Just wondering: Did Vince McMahon ever make a push to sign Nikita Koloff in 1986 or 1987? I would think a Hulk Hogan-Nikita Koloff feud – with Nikita as the Russian villain against the "American Made" Hulk – would have made an awful lot of money.

So in the alternative reality where Nikita leaves the NWA and goes north, how big could he have been? Could he have been a pay-per-view or even Wrestlemania main event with Hogan? Or would Nikita have been just another one of the monster heels to feed Hogan?
The evidence remains fuzzy on this one, but from what people involved have said, like Koloff, Vince definitely wanted him but never had an opportunity to make him a real offer until it was well past the point when it would have mattered.  I firmly believe that Hogan v. Koloff could have main evented Wrestlemania 2 with ease and Nikita would have made MILLIONS off it in the long term.  He should have went north.