Fake Razor/Diesel Endgame

Hey Scott, reading through the recent nWo emails got me thinking about the whole fake Razor/Diesel mess. Was there ever an endgame in mind? I get the initial bait and switch idea, lame as it may be, but to have them just become regular wrestlers was beyond
pointless. They drifted around the lower card for months, even making it to a couple PPVs, before fading away finally in early 97. What the fuck was the point? It's not like they were in joke matches or being fed to top guys (with the exception of Bret I think)
or serving any type of productive purpose other than to make snide remarks about the originals. 

Literally the entire endgame was to demonstrate that they were still using the trademarked characters of Razor Ramon & Diesel so they could hassle WCW about Hall and Nash using those mannerisms.  Vince literally could not have cared less about them getting over to any degree, as long as they were present on TV while he needed them.