Best Talent; Not Over

Hey Scott,

Was thinking about, Chavo Guerrero, of all people recently, and the thought crossed my mind that he might have been the most talented wrestler (In terms of the total package: size, ability, charisma, etc.), who wasn't booked as a jobber, never booked improperly, and never had a serious drug issue or whatever, who just never got over.  Obviously, there've been muscleheads that didn't have talent or talented guys who just weren't believable (and Chavo wasn't a monster but you could at least believe that he could make almost any match competitive) but Chavo seemingly had no barrier to making it big in the sport and just… didn't.

In his case, it made sense to a certain extent; no matter how good he got, he was just never going to get out of Eddie's shadow. But other wrestlers have had that same issue (Christian and Matt Hardy spring to mind) who had similar issues, who still managed to do well for themselves. Chavito, when he wasn't in the back half of "Eddie and…" went nowhere fast.

Do you have anyone like this? All the talent in the world and no real defects (no issues with the office, drug problems, etc.) who just never clicked? I'm not talking Sting/Luger/Etc who never reached their full potential. I'm talking guys who never made it out of first gear for seemingly no reason.


I was thinking maybe Lenny Lane, who WCW tried various things with for years and never found a way to get him out of the starting blocks.  They tried "ab polish", the pseudo-gay gimmick, Standards & Practices, but in the end he never even escaped the company for WWE when it died.  I wouldn't say he was super-talented, but he could have been a solid hand.  

I think probably you can add Mike "Nova" Bucci to the list as well, who was saddled with loser gimmicks like Simon Dean when he got his big break but really never got past a certain level anyway.  Clearly he was a talented guy, but he was just…meh.