Mid-South Wrestling – March 8th, 1984

March 8, 1984

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Jim Ross.

This week, the TV Title Tournament continues with Terry Taylor vs. Masao Ito.

We see Bill Watts with Mr. Wrestling II & Magnum TA for a ringside interview. Watts brings up Mr.Wrestling humiliating Magnum and how Magnum still helped him out Mr. Wrestling when the Midnight Express attacked him as we see the replay of that incident. Watts tells Mr. Wrestling that Magnum could have easily ignored the beating then we see Mr. Wrestling throw in the towel for Magnum when Magnum had Krusher Khruschev in a pin. Watts wants to know why Mr. Wrestling threw in the towel. Mr. Wrestling claimed that Magnum was saying “I quit” over and over so threw in the towel to save them further embarrassment but Watts says he never heard Magnum say this in his life and that his story switched from last week. Magnum tells Mr. Wrestling he has never been a quitter and did not quit against Khruschev but Mr. Wrestling was jealous. Magnum does say they owe it to themselves as champions to go through this as a team but Mr. Wrestling calls Magnum gutless and prods him some more. Mr. Wrestling tries another slap but Magnum blocks him and rolls inside to challenge him for a match. Magnum rips off his jacket and shirt but Mr. Wrestling says Magnum is like the Junkyard Dog and will look for an excuse if he loses and wants Magnum to get a contract for a match and when that happens he will sign the dotted line. Great stuff here as they stressed Magnum not retaliating the past couple of weeks out of respect and Watts painted him as someone who would likely beat Mr. Wrestling and someone who never quit in his life. And Magnum blocking the slap and challenging Mr. Wrestling, who made another excuse in order to avoid Magnum, made him look strong too. And Mr Wrestling’s heel work has been great as someone who only cares about themselves. Excellent segment.


Nikolai Volkoff & Krusher Khruschev vs. Joe Savoldi & John King

Volkoff sings the Russian National Anthem prior to the match. Volkoff & Khruschev beat down King to start. Savoldi tags in and does not fare any better then Volkoff back drops Savoldi and Khruschev catches him in a backbreaker submission for the win (1:43).

Thoughts: A quick win to put over the Russians. I thought their finisher was kinda cool for the time.


TV Title Tournament: Masao Ito vs. Terry Taylor

Taylor slams Ito then works the arm as Ross plugs the Superdome show in New Orleans. Taylor continues to work the arm until Ito escapes and hits a throat thrust. Ito now applies a stomach claw for a while then cuts off a comeback and reapplies the hold. The crowd chants for Taylor and he gets out but Ito reverses an Irish whip and sends Taylor into the referee. Ito then tosses Taylor over the top rope and goes over to wake up the ref but as that happens, Taylor crawls underneath the ring. Ito tries to look for Taylor but Taylor sneaks up from behind and uses a reverse rollup for the win (6:42) *.

Thoughts: Before the finish, which was smart, this was a total bore. But, it got Taylor over and that is the main goal as he has star potential while Ito is the flavor of the month heel.


Jim Cornette is in the ring. He wants to know who the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express think they are and calls them Valley Girls, given them the names Muffy and Sissy, before saying he signed a match today to see what these boys have to show to his men that they are an express. God, Cornette was tremendous in Mid-South.


Midnight Express w/ Jim Cornette vs. Rock ‘N’ Roll Express

Gibson and Eaton start things off by fighting over a lockup. Gibson blocks a hip toss from the corner and comes back with a flying headscissors before tagging out. Morton takes Eaton over with a hurricarana as the fans are going nuts. Condrey now tags into the match and runs over Morton twice but Morton comes back with a hip toss and a dropkick as the Midnight Express bail and regroup with Cornette. Condrey returns and elbows Gibson in the neck as the Midnight Express finally take control of the match. Gibson manages to tag out then Morton runs wild. Condrey cuts off Morton and the action goes back-and-forth. The RnR hit Eaton with a double dropkick but he kicks out at two then the Russians come out and attack the RnR for the DQ (3:35) **1/2. Khruschev holds Morton on the mat as Volkoff cuts his hair while the Midnight Express hold Gibson in the corner. Magnum & Taylor run out and the Russians & Midnights bail.

Thoughts: The action here was just tremendous. The precision shown by both teams was like no other at this time. The finish was for the Russians to get revenge on the RnR when Darsow got painted red a few weeks back.


Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Jason Walker

This is Jake’s return to Mid-South. He had not been here since 1981. Jake starts off by beating on Walker as Ross updates us on Jim Duggan and heard he has been wrestling in Florida and “changed his ways” but have not confirmed as to whether or not this is true. Jake grounds Walker with an armbar then takes him down with a shirt clothesline before the DDT Gets the win (2:04).

Thoughts: Jake returning to Mid-South here is big news as was hearing about Duggan’s possible change of character down in Florida.


“Hacksaw” Butch Reed & “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel vs. “Leaping” Lanny Poffo & George Weingeroff

Both teams start off going back-and-forth but are unable to take control of the match. Reed decks Poffo then distracts the ref so Landel can cheat from the apron. Reed & Landel cut the ring in half but Poffo tags out and Weingeroff runs wild. Reed cheap shots Weingeroff from the apron then tags in and hits a press slam and tags out as Landel hits the corkscrew elbow drop for the win (5:18) **1/4.

Thoughts: Solid TV match as the more we see of Reed & Landel the more they impress.


We now see a Joel Watts produced piece on a recent Mid-South in Pine Bluffs, AR set to “Down on the Corner” by Creedence Clearwater Revival.


Next week JYD vs. Khruschev in the TV Title Tournament.


Final Thoughts: We saw the Magnum/Mr. Wrestling II feud progress, what I believe was the first Midnights vs. RnR match, and the return of Jake Roberts to go along with a big win for Taylor. The Mid-South TV continues to shine.