Few Questions

Hey Scott, hope all is well. I was watching some Flair matchez from 2002, 2003, and some of the matches were great, for me. Plus he was over. At any point, was there consideration to put the title on him? I know he was 50 plus  but the old man, underdog, could have gotten him a transitional run at least as a face.

Also, when Flair came in 91, why was there no feud with Valentine? Valentine was a face and it could have been decent. I know they did not feud for a long time, but, at least their would have been no styles clash.

Why would you want to waste Flair on a feud with Valentine?  I mean, a one-off match or two where Flair destroys him would be fine, but you're basically making him a midcarder by associating him with someone like Valentine.  

As for 2002, I could see HHH offering to do it, but I never heard about it being a consideration.